Journal of Economy and entrepreneurship  


Vol. 3 Nom.3


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World economic crisis: the nature and consequences. E.E. Irodova

Abstract. In article the global reasons of a world economic crisis are certain, the destabilizing role a hedge-funds in this process is shown. Development of financial crisis in view of global changes in economic is considered. Possible consequences of a world economic crisis for the financial and commodity markets are shown.

Keywords: economic crisis, derivatives, a hedge-funds, currency gamble, dollars issue, market of gold, the hypothecary market.


Problems of rational functioning of oil refining branch. V.I. Novichkov, A.S. Dmitriev

Abstract. Article is devoted to economic problems of oil refining inRussia, to its features, strong and to weaknesses, prospects of the further development and possible measures of stimulation of its development for fuller creation and extraction of the resource rent in favour of domestic manufacturers, the state and a society. The structure and influence on oil refining of export duties and excises on mineral oil is analyzed. Offers on possible change of structure of export duties and excises in a context of the problems, facing to oil refining branch are given.

Keywords: oil refining branch, oil refining, the natural rent, excises, the customs duties.


Modeling of dynamics of the Russian stock market: macroeconomic parameters and the market’s long-term memory length factor. N.Е. Egorova, A.R. Bahtizin, K.A. Torzhevsky

Abstract. Research on Russian stock market's dynamic characteristics and set of tools for its successful forecast is based on both fundamental and technical analysis. RTSI dynamics is considered dependent on macroeconomic indicators (GDP growth, oil prices, etc) and on market's inertia (so-called market's memory). Trend patterns of combined dynamic indicators are revealed through methods of technical, econometric analysis and neural networks modeling. Work is executed at support of the grant of the Russian Fund Fundamental Research, the project № 08-06-00163.

Keywords: RTS index, GDP index, Elliott’s wave, neural networks.


In searches «philosophical stone» or as economists of the USSR tried to pull out a national economy of the country from economic deadlock. O.T. Palamarchuk

Abstract. The course and results of  economists’ discussion about questions of removal of public economy of  the Soviet Union from the blind alley were analyzed; the reason of methodologic  helplessness of official economic idea in Soviet country during last years of Soviet power was revealed; absence of any perspective of attempts to “harness” into economical cart of authoritarian power a “horse”: monopoly-state means of manufacturing and a “fallow deer”: free market relations were shown.

Keywords: property, economical mechanism, basic planning indicator, live labour, market.


The control over realization of estimated activity in the Russian Federation.V.A. Slyusarenko

Abstract. In article basic changes in legislative regulation of estimated activity in the Russian Federation are analyzed. Opportunities of control from the self-adjustable organizations of appraisers are shown.

Keywords: estimated activity, the state regulation, the self-adjusted organizations.


The Swedish model of management in new conditions of market economy.V.I. Beloglazova

Abstract. In article substantive provisions of the long-term Program of management on creation of a highly skilled administrative part in the Swedish economy are considered. Questions of the corporate social responsibility are accented. Communication of the advanced control system by a national economy with formation of positive image of Sweden is shown.

Keywords: Sweden, program of management, Swedish Institute, economic globalization, corporate social responsibility (СSR).


Foreign experience of social audit. E.N. Rudyk, T.V. Osipova

Abstract. In article basic features are presented American, French, German and Japanese national systems of social audit, some progress of social audit trends are marked in Russia. A social audit is examined as an innovation in a management, capable to become structural basis of adjusting of socio-economic processes in the conditions of globalization.

Keywords: social audit, national systems of social audit, social ratings, models of social audit, social indexes, social accounting.


Procedure of calculations on a payment audit. O.G. Berezovsky

Abstract. In the article the description of authors procedure of the audit’s program of salary is resulted. The described procedure provides all-round and qualitative carrying out of check of completeness and reliability of reflected operations with salary both in book keeping, and in the accounting reporting.

Keywords: audit, salary.


System and process approaches to the organization of a supply with information of legal proceedings. S.V. Zubenko, V.A. Niesov

Abstract.In article is offered to carry out the organization of a supply with information of evidentiary activity in criminal trial with use of system and process approaches. It is shown, that the problem of a supply with information remedial inside of each stage of process consists in formation of the general system of the proofs proving the remedial decision and providing the further movement of business.

Keywords: system approach, process approach, supply with information, legal proceedings.


Use of imitating systems for a substantiation of integration strategy of small enterprises (on an example of jeweller manufacture). N.E. Egorova, V.Y. Ponomarev

Abstract. In article the basic tendencies of development of the Russian market of gold jewels are considered. In particular, cooperation small industrial and business concerns. For a substantiation of the most effective strategy of interaction of small firms the imitating approach is used. Calculations with use of imitating toolkit are resulted. Article is executed at support of grant РГНФ, the project № 08-02-00122а.


imitating systems, Imitating approach, small business, jeweler manufacture.