Journal of Economy and entrepreneurship  

JEE Vol. 6 Nom. 4


Vol. 6 Nom. 4

(July-August  2012)

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Methods and models for measuring the effectiveness economic system

O.S. Sukharev

Employment situation and career preference of graduates in China

Liu Fuxiang

Obstacles to economic creation: vision of region

Y.N. Sagidov

Regional and sectoral aspects of Russia's WTO accession

A.N. Gerasimov, E.I. Gromov

An effective strategy for industrial development in the modernization of regional economic factors

O.G. Andryushchenko

The institutional environment of the market intermediary services in the field of high-tech products

of grain processing

M.L. Sher

Problems of management of the taxation as the tool of realization of budgetary  federalism at federal and regional levels
The analysis of practice of functioning of Russian tax system and the countries with the developed market economy

H.Sh. Huako

The analysis of the reasons of inefficient state regulation of the branch markets from the point of view of an institutional approach

I.N. Seliverstova

Currency disputes. Are any changes in balance of payments possible?

P.A. Saakyan

The world tendencies of innovative development of economy

M.V. Grechko

The problem of analysis of consumer’s market condition at municipal level

S.D. Kapelyuk, T.I. Guryanov

Economic and statistical evaluation of the standard of living macro-regions of the Russian Federation

O.P. Grigoryeva

Estimation of possibilities of use of the newest intellectual technologies in processes of inflationary factors modeling

K.A. Gureev, O.S. Golubeva

Rosfinmonitoring in the system of counteractions of money legalization: the efficient interaction

of law and financial institutions

D.S. Ananikyan

Formation and development of agricultural clusters

A.V. Glotko, L.A. Ovsyanko, N.V. Grigor'ev, P.P. Holodov

Ways of perfection of crediting of corporate clients in the Russian Federation

D.V. Petrov

The problems of staffing of  the regional health care services

Z.A. Mustafaeva, E.O. Tappaskhanova, S.M. Taova

The meaning and purpose of innovation in socio-economic development of society

I.S. Lisin

Features of the interaction of regional government organizations and interregional cooperation

in the formation and transformation of public sector

R.R. Salgiriev

Cluster formation as a promising form of interaction between the subjects of a regional system

of agricultural economics

Y.S. Skripnichenko, N.V. Eremenko

The dynamic of structural changes in the region economy (on Kaliningrad region example)

O.S. Sukharev, O.B. Ilyina

Organizational and economic features of the interaction of macro-regional entities

E.I. Gromov, E.I. Nineva


Estimate of investment fund activity’s efficiency

A.J. Mikhaylov

Management of flexible pricing system in the construction in market economy conditions

I.A. Babayev

System performance of the management functions

E.V. Polischuk

Diversification sources of financing of culture area and art subjects in the modern conditions

of economic development (example the organizations of dramatic art)

S.P. Kuchyn

Analysis of demand and supply of intermediary services in the field of high-tech products of grain processing

M.L. Sher

Profitability of land management in the construction holding company in the result of sending to the closed-end investment fund

A.N. Lyahnova

Increase of efficiency of service in conditions of technical equipments of an agriculture

D.M. Matveyev, M.G. Krokhta, P.P. Holodov

Modernization of taxi’s market through financial leasing for physical persons

R.N. Rogova, E.V. Martynova

Venture fund financing efficiency

J.V. Sokolova

Crisis management in economic capacity of the industrial enterprises with a view of providing

sustainable development

S.V. Ovsyannikov

Development of exhibition activities on the territory of the Russian Federation

M.A. Evteev

Branch banking industry: foreign experience, possibilities for Russia

A.A. Moskvichev, L.B. Parfenova

Technique of formation of the prices in the oil and fat market Russian Federation

O.Y. Pavlov

The main approaches to calculation of standard costs

D.G. Luguyeva

Risk analysis as a step in the development of the investment project

A.M. Sazonov

Innovation activity development of agriculture production in Volgograd region

T.I. Mazaeva, O.A. Donskova

Strategic management as a condition of the company to achieve its goals: the nature and approaches to the definition

R.G. Petrus

The econometric approach to the investigation results of operation of the regional socio-economic systems

A.N. Gerasimov, S.A. Levchenko

Features of development of the system of payment for electric power at free (unregulated) prices

T.P. Petrova

Organizational bases of providing a sustainable development of state university in the conditions

of education system reforming

T.V. Varkulevich, M.V. Oslopova

The concept of organizational mechanism for adaptation of the industrial enterprises operating

activities to environmental changes

O.V. Popova

The methodology of design and realization of competition’s strategy in modern industry’s enterprises

L.V. Gluhih

Evaluation of recommended values of financial ratios using hierarchical cluster analysis

E.G. Chachina, N.S. Lukashevich, U.K. Keiserukhskaya

Modeling diagnostic procedures  of assessment in the research organization

N.V. Kondrashova, E.V. Endovitskaya, I.A. Davydenko

Economic-mathematical modeling of economic activities results of agrarian sector subjects of region economy

Y.S. Skripnichenko

Improvement of the economic mechanism of interaction of enterprise structures of production and financial sectors of economy

J.M. Sklyarovа, I.Y. Sklyarov

Diffusion of financial innovations and technological innovations - objective reality of a reintermediation in bank mediation

V.G. Belkin, L.P. Drozdovskya

Rating assessment as a modern method of formation image the fishery enterprises in a cut of their marketing strategy

T.V. Terentyeva, M.N. Kulakova

Principles of management of enterprise organizational systems

V.P. Smirnov

Exhibition business as a means of marketing communication with customers and partners

M.A. Evteev

Multidimensional assessment of current status and sustainability of the North Caucasus region

A.N. Gerasimov, E.I. Gromov

Approach to an assessment of efficiency of the investment project: ecological aspect

T.V. Varkulevich, M.V. Oslopova

Assessment, justification and choice of investment and innovative decisions for objects of housing construction

S.S. Abashev

Business role in life modern higher education institution

M.N. Kulakova, A.O. Kucherova

Theoretical basis of checks settlement: the essence, the problems of the use of checks

N.A. Ponomareva, L.V. Masukova

Enterprise activity: questions of economic-political and legal  character in the history

and at the present stage of development of the Russian society

D.A.Safronov, J.J.Chapurko, T.M.Chapurko

Methods of assessment of the competitive environment

А.А. Grachiov

Improving the efficiency of Russian bank operations with securities

D.V. Petrov

Concept formation and development of hotel clusters

E.V. Pecheritsa

Discriminant model of an estimation of credit risk

N.S. Lukashevich, D.A. Garanin, E.G. Chachina

Small wood business: conditions of the effective organization

S.A. Bulakh, P.A. Birukov

Social responsibility of business: «yes» and «no» arguments

M.V. Bikeeva

Research of specific features of the communication services enterprises activity

E.A. Vasileva

Information technology in economy and social sphere: development and application ways

S.N. Habahu, V.A. Valdman, R.N. Frolov

Sources of information for determining fair value in the Russian market

I.G. Potapov, O.N. Harchenko

Features of the organization confectionery business in foreign markets

R.D. Bekmuratov

Features of legal regulation of the contract of the international financial lease (leasing)

L.S. Tarasova

The analysis of economic subjects efficiency: modern and perspective approaches

S.A. Sekhyan

Spatial approach to research of entrepreneurs’ personality characteristics

O.V. Didenko

Influence of foreign investments on development of foreign trade activities of region
E.N. Luzikas