Journal of Economy and entrepreneurship  

Vol. 5 Nom. 1



Vol. 5 Nom. 1

(January-February  2011)

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Social basis of economic growth in Russia. O.S. Sukharev

Abstract. In article results of social development of the Russian economy from the beginning of 1990 till 2010 are considered, laws of functioning of social sectors of a national economy come to light. The method of the analysis of social structure and social efficiency is considered, the analysis of social investments on public health services example is carried out.

Keywords: economic growth, social development, social efficiency, social structure, public health services.


The analysis of crisis and inflation on a phase plane of economy. V.I. Golubev

Abstract. For normal movement of market economy it is necessary, that in the end of inflation which were created by speculators, crisis has dumped the prices to initial size, to size of the beginning of inflation. In article it is shown, that the basic motive power of economy are speculators. Their basic psychological and intellectual features necessary that feature of economy in inflation are analyzed and during crisis were not crossed among themselves. Two kinds of economy are considered: real and speculative. The market economy engine pushes manufacture forward at the expense of that increase of the prices which is created by speculators. Then crisis rejects them back to begin a new motion cycle of economy forward when manufacture growth begins, creation of new workplaces, and a rise in prices according to growth of demand for the new goods. It is dismissed costs in a mode of inflation and in real economy. The economy organic law is formulated. The business cycle is considered on a phase plane of economy in co-ordinates of cost and manufacture volume.

Keywords: real economy, speculative economy, speculative bents, virtual thinking, consciousness layers, economy of energy, a phase plane of economy, crisis function, inflation, recurrence in economy, market economy engine, market economy law.


About a real curve of production potentialities. V.S. Tikin

Abstract. Production possibility curve is described in the textbook, is characterized by a complete lack of connection with the practice. To link the curve with the practice needed to abandon the existing premises of its construction. It seems to the author, the simplest method of constructing the curve of production possibilities is the use of these specific sectors of any economy.

Keywords: production possibility curve, realism, construction, condition, model.


The concept «Continental economy» by Peter Savitsky. P.I. Fedotova

Abstract. The article devote to analyses views of russian economist and geographer, leading theorist of evrasian movement Peter Savitsky. The author come to conclusion, that during twenty ears of XX century Savitsky worked out original conception of “continental economics”, which explained the economic peculiarity of Russia on the basis of his doctrine about two types economical systems – “sea” and “continental”.

Keywords: economical geography, evrasian movement, world market, continental economics.


The creative industry of Sweden - innovative search of creation in modern economy. V.I. Beloglazova

Abstract. The Sweden creative industry is a cumulative cycle of creation, manufacture and realizations of the goods and the services based on creativity and the intellectual capital. Along with a science and high technologies the creative industries are a corner stone of innovative economy. The creative industries – key sector of modern economy.

Keywords: creative industry, sector of new economy, country image, Sweden.


Elaboration of monitoring system by quality of  transport service in big Russian cities. A.V. Chernykhin

Abstract. The article is devoted by problems of practice quality estimating of transport service of townspeople in big Russian cities. The author suggests a procedure of elaboration of monitoring system by quality of transport service, which allowed enormously to reduce expenses by the collection of needed information.

Keywords: budget services, big cities, transport service of townspeople, quality indexes, imitation models of transport systems.


Directions of innovative human resource management of the enterprise. G.A. Bunich, V.I. Astakhova

Abstract. In the present article tendencies of company innovative human resource management are analyzed: the basic directions, system of personnel management methods, methods of labour activity motivation, direct and indirect methods of motivation, compulsory motivation, the purpose of labour motivation, legal regulation of labour activity motivation processes. The conclusion that increase of level of competitiveness and profitability on the basis of stabilisation and rationalisation of available human potential by transformation of organizational culture, ordering of work with the personnel, optimisation of material stimulation and social security of workers and maintenance of high-grade use of knowledge and experience of highly skilled employees, attraction of young experts is drawn.

Keywords: human resource management, innovative management, innovations, work motivation, organizational culture.


Choice of a financing method of the motor transportation enterprise rolling stock acquisition. V.A. Popov

Abstract. The basic methods of rolling stock acquisition motor transportation company financing (leasing and bank crediting) are considered. The resulted analysis has shown what economically more effectively to use the leasing mechanism with a view of acquisition of a motor transportation enterprise rolling stock.

Keywords: motor transportation company, motor transport, financing methods, rolling stock, leasing, crediting.


Methodology of professional self-realisation and cogitative algorithms of the manager. V.M. Shepel

Abstract. In article the material from the new book of professor V.M. Shepel «A trade the imagemaker» is presented. Methodology components of manager professional self-realisation described. The basic cogitative algorithms of the manager are considered, and requirements to their realisation are defined. 

Keywords: methodology, professional self-realisation, cogitative algorithms,communication management, manager, mentality, information, management, imagemaker, communications, information technology, communication service, scientific and technical progress, management perfection.


At the approaches to market: the development of the concepts of value and price in medieval Europe (first article - a historical sketch). A.E. Petrosyan

Abstract. The background and the paths of evolution of the concepts of value and price under the domination of natural economy are examined. A special attention is paid to the Thomas Aquinas’ doctrine that had determined the key trends of the European thought for many ages and underlain the most of conceptions of just society. The attitude of medieval thinkers to trade and usury, money exchange and bargains regulation is scrutinized. Finally, it is traced how the growth of trade and other “extended” economic forms (loan, currency transaction, etc.) breached the first gaps in the prevailing views and favoured the advent of market oriented ideas.

Keywords: value, price, exchange, labour, medieval Europe.


Conceptual substantiation of approaches to formation of strategy and a policy Chechen Republic small business development in the conditions of economy modernization. L.V. Samhanova

Abstract. The essence of a regional policy consists in as much as possible to use in interests of all society favorable territorial preconditions and factors, including such dynamical subsystem, as small business. Development of small business in the conditions of modernization demands a corresponding conceptual substantiation as from a policy position, and strategy.

Keywords: regional policy, small business, economy modernization, development concept, Chechen Republic.


Corporate social responsibility and its role in management of professional risks.E.L. Smolyanova, E.V. Timoshkina

Abstract. As a result of long and continuous process of capitalist development the difficult and balanced system of a regulation of mutual relations of private business, the power and a society in sphere of social and economic development of the western countries and separate territories was generated. Now in the different countries participation of business in the decision of social problems or is rigidly regulated within the limits of the operating commercial, tax, labor, ecological legislation, or carried out independently under the influence of specially established stimulus and privileges.

Keywords: social investments, corporate social responsibility, professional risks.


The analysis of economic approaches to category determination «educational service» in a context of imperatives of innovative development of a society. M.V. Grechko

Abstract. In the article the author presents the analysis of economic approaches of a category «educational service». It is revealed that educational service, according to modern imperatives of construction of an innovative society, represents a triad of a science, innovations and an educational institution entrepreneurial activity. Conclusions are produced with use of an analytical method, camparativists method of the analysis, a graphological method. Results of the analysis can be used administration of educational institutions at development of an educational policy and adjustment of an entrepreneurial activity of educational institution.

Keywords: service, educational service, market of educational services, innovations, «a society of knowledge».