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Vol. 3 Nom. 6



Resources of the manager thinking profitability. V.M. Shepel

Abstract. In article the material from the new book of professor V.M. Shepel «Mentality of the manager. Administrative thinking» is presented. The basic resources of profitability of thinking of the head are described: to be «оn the place»; to have worthy vital motivation; to own human competence; to aspire to achievement of significant practical results in the professional work, etc.

Keywords: manager, mentality, information, management, administrative thinking, profitability, motivation, human competence, administrative activity, administrative decisions, image, professional competence.



What social order exists in Russia? A.V. Martynov

Abstract. In article results of postsocialist transformation in Russia are considered. Activity of the basic economic institutes is investigated. Influence of centralisation of the capital on development of capitalist relations is shown. Features of the modern «state capitalism» are defined.

Keywords: social order, system transformation, postsocialist transformation, economic institutes, capital centralisation, capitalist relations, state capitalism.



Social empathy as the solidarity precondition. A.N. Samarin

Abstract. Almost two decades of a theme of compassion to weak, active sympathy and solidarity stood out in Russia for an anachronism. The morals are frozen, are scattered hidden elements social and national order, being replaced at the best with clan-corporate bail. The threats following from here are huge. Without empathy, without social mutual aid - unity and integrity of a society not to keep. And it means change of a liberal paradigm (with its egocentric motto «help to itself and only to itself») on a paradigm solidarier. In article the theory-methodological analysis of concept of empathy is made; the empathy is considered as social-culture phenomenon.

Keywords: empathy, solidarity, social mutual aid, social and economic development, social responsibility.



Optimal use of resources, providing life-cycle object. А.А. Katoulsky

Abstract. In this paper non-traditional approach to the problem of optimal resource sharing for object’s creation, use and utilization has been developed. This approach is based on the quantitative analyses of relations between philosophical categories relevant to this object. The special procedure of “orthogonal” category basis creation has been proposed and specific mathematical methods of operations at this basis have been developed. The keystone category of whole object “potential” introduced in this paper turned out to be related with “potentials” of object’s parts via special equation. The rules of procedure for object’s potential construction have been defined. This is necessary for calculation of optimal resource sharing between its parts and for accurate object’s potential calculation. The quantitative analyses of object’s potential decrease as the result of resource sharing deviation from optimal one have been made. The method of these analyses was derived from equation which connects relative potential and normalized deviate of optimal resource sharing. As the result of analyses, the new methodology of optimal resource sharing has been proposed. It may be applied to job planning and management, to increase of company competitiveness, to logistics processes and investigations within CALS-technology.

Keywords: potential of the subject, object structure, effectiveness of spending, uniform strength, tectology.



Adaptation of rating methods for an estimation of corporate reputation. S.V. Gorin

Abstract. In article possibilities of adaptation of rating methods for an estimation of company reputation  (qualimetrical method, method of rating estimations, technique comparative rang estimations) are shown. Indicators of an estimation of company reputation are offered and the technique of their calculation is shown. On a concrete example reliability of results of an estimation is shown by various methods. Interpretation of the received results is executed.

Keywords: reputation, business reputation of the organisation, reputation estimation, rating methods, qualimetrical method, rang estimations, company reputation, corporate reputation, reputation management.



Copyright and intellectual property in the system of сapitalocracy. S.A. Stroev

Abstract. In article it is considered so-called «copyright» how the tool of private and corporate assignment of knowledge, skills, technologies, art texts, music, films and other achievements of culture created by cumulative work of mankind, including long before the statement of principles «Intellectual property». Real threat of total monopolisation of all industrial spheres on the basis of buying up of patents is shown, to the leader to liquidation of the possibility of a competition and, as consequence, not only to a stop of scientific and technical, technological and cultural progress, but also forward degradation. Real possibility on the basis of principles is shown «Intellectual property» full deducing from a turn of human culture and a civilisation both the whole directions of technological development, and artefacts of the classical art, able to create a competition to modern commercial substitutes of culture. Article is a book fragment «Toolkitсapitalocracy» (S.A.Stroev, SPb, Publishing house of Polytechnical University, 2009).

Keywords: capitalocracy, copyright, intellectual property, trademark, patent, license, monopoly.



Patriotism as preventive maintenance of civil disobedience and the factor influencing national safety. M. Ljutov

Abstract. In article the author explains, how the idea of patriotism can influence some spheres of the state interests. In work there is an author's definition of civil disobedience, there are historical examples and episodes from a modern life. I aim works studying of the factor influencing civil disobedience and national safety is. Term definition will be problems «civil disobedience», the literature analysis on a problem of civil disobedience and national safety. Article has a politological and ethical orientation.

Keywords: civil disobedience, national safety, patriotism.



Literary reputations. Popular songs and their authors. I.N. Rozanov

Abstract. The material of the book of the known literary critic and the expert on Russian poetry I.N. Rozanov «Literary reputations» is presented, for the first time published in Moscow in 1928. In I.N. Rozanov's given work bases of new areas of a science - theories and stories of literary reputations are put. Reproducing a book material, Journal «Reputiology» aspires to inform modern readers one of the first works on a theme of literary reputations in the Russia which have become now by a rare book.

Keywords: reputation, attraction, pushing away, inertia, I.N. Rozanov, popular songs, Alipanov, Benediktov, Lomonosov, Derzhavin, Pushkin, Gogol, Nekrasov, Zhukovsky, Lermontov, Tyutchev, Tolstoy, Bryusov, Mayakovsky, Block.


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