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Shepel V.M. doctor of philosophy, professor of Pedagogical academy, honored worker of a science of the Russian Federation, academic of The Russian Academy of Natural  Sciences, president of Leagues of professional imagemakers, Moscow, Russia





Beguchev N.I. editor-in-chief assistant, Cand.Econ.Sci., Moscow, Russia

Belyaev V.I. doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, Moscow state regional university, Moscow, Russia

Bunich G.A. Doctor of Economics, professor, Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics, Moscow, Russia

Butyrin G.N. candidate of philosophical sciences, professor , faculty of sociology of the organizations and management of the Moscow state university, Moscow, Russia

Gaak N. V. director of Agency of corporate reputation of "PRizma", Tyumen, Russia

Gasparyan Armen Yuri Science Communication Advisor, MD, PhD, FESC, Associate Professor of Medicine Council Member, European Association of Science Editors,  Birmingham,UK

Gerasimov A.N. Doctor of Economics, professor, Stavropol state agricultural university, Stavropol, Russia

Gorin S.V. Dr.Econ.Sci., Prof., editor-in-chief, Moscow, Russia 

Zhuravlev Y.V. doctor of economics, professor of the Voronezh state technological academy, Voronezh, Russia

Metayeva V.A. doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, director of institute of Imidzhelogiya, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Minayeva E.V. Doctor of Economics, professor, department chair of economy and management of a national economy, Moscow State University of technologies and management, Moscow, Russia

Niesov V.A. Cand.Tech.Sci., professor of the Russian academy of justice, Moscow, Russia

Rozdolskaya I.V. doctor of economics, professor, head of faculty of management  and marketing of the Belgorod university consumers' cooperative society, Belgorod, Russia

Samarin A.N. candidate of philosophical sciences, senior lecturer of the Moscow state institute of the international attitudes (MGIMO-UNIVERSITY) the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Moscow, Russia

Timofeev D. N. candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor, Orenburg state university, Orenburg, Russia

Tinkov S.V. editor-in-chief assistant, Cand.Econ.Sci., Moscow, Russia

Turcanu Nicolae doctor of economics, professor, dean of faculty of Economic engineering And business of Technical university of Moldova, Kishinev, Moldova

Fomin O.S. Dr.Econ.Sci., professor of Kursk state agricultural academy,  Kursk, Russia

Tskhovrebov V.S. doctor of agricultural sciences, professor, head of the department of soil science of V. I. Tyulpanov, Stavropol state agricultural university, Stavropol, Russia

Chevichelov V.A. doctor of economics, professor, academic of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Moscow, Russia

Shutko A.P. doctor of agricultural sciences, associate professor managing department of chemistry and protection of plants, Stavropol state agricultural university, Stavropol, Russia

Yandovsky A.N. candidate of sociological sciences, associate professor, rector of the Moscow state institute of the industry of tourism of name Yu.A. Senkevich, Moscow, Russia



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