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Vol. 3 Nom. 5




Imageology - a basis of imagemaker professional competence. V.M. Shepel

Abstract. In article the material from the book of professor V.M. Shepel «A trade the imagemaker» is presented. Short historical digression is given. The information thesaurus of imageology is considered. Base imageology concepts are described. Imageology laws are defined. Functions and image kinds are revealed. The mechanism of image reproduction is investigated.

Keywords: image, imageology, imagemaker, reputation, professional competence, public relations.


Century results of system transformation in Russia: from a socialist revolution by a postsocialist epoch. A.V. Martynov

Abstract. In article socialist system transformation in Russia during the period 1917-1991 is considered. Results postsocialist system transformation (since 1991 on the present) are shown.

Keywords: system transformation, socialist revolution, postsocialist epoch, socialism formation, command socialism, Stalin, real socialism, late socialism, market socialism, market economy.


Genesis of business reputation as economic category. S.V. Gorin

Abstract. In article the marketing approach to business reputation of the organisations is investigated. Features of formation of reputation of the Russian businessmen are defined. It is shown that the positive business reputation is secondary requirement of the organisation. The business reputation of the Russian organisations in the conditions of financial crisis is characterised.

Keywords: image, reputation, business reputation of the organisation, company reputation, corporate reputation, reputation management.


System of a quality management of scientific and technical activity results - increase of efficiency of intellectual property and management of legal owner risks. J.J. Parvuljusov, G.V. Fokin

Abstract. Quality management of the high technology hi-tech manufacture and increase of efficiency of use of intellectual property are an essential condition of functioning of innovative economy of Russia. The standardised algorithms of management provide with industrial intellectual activity management of risks of legal owners and ROSTECHREGULATION the technical committee on standardization "Intellectual property" (ТК481) is created. However business has gone further away - with participation of the enterprises and businessmen of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus the System of quality management RSTA (results of scientific and technical activity) for maintenance of favorable conditions of economic use and increase of efficiency of intellectual property, protection and commercial intellectual is created and standardised international rights. Analogues of System of quality management RSTA while are not present. Results of its functioning since 2008 in itself are innovations - It and help system to the innovative enterprises-legal owners of intellectual property; and practice of certification of conformity to standards ISO 9000; and objective acknowledgement of the legal owner in the name of the Russian Federation; and acknowledgement of intellectual property of competitors of a scientific degree; and properly made papers for the account of non-material actives, insurance of risks of the legal owner, the resolution of disputes in arbitration. Article by Gennady Fokin under edition Jury Parvuljusov acquaints with individual questions of the theory and practice of increase of efficiency of use of intellectual property and management of risks of the legal owner.

Keywords: FINAS, WTOS, intellectual property, non-material actives, quality management system, copyright, legal owner, innovations, standardization, certification.


Influence solar ephemeris and space irradiations on the general cycles of Earth Noosphere development. The Zodiac stars, influencing an irradiation on Earth development. B.I. Iskakov, A.B. Iskakov

Abstract. In article influence solar efimers and space irradiations on the general cycles of development of the Earth Noosphere is shown. The Zodiac stars, influencing by an irradiation on development of the Earth are investigated.

Keywords: Chizhevsky's hypothesis, cosmosocioeconomic, socioeconomic, statistics, noosphere, passionarity, ethnoclasses, space, biorhythms, electromagnetic radiation, biosphere, human, historymetrics, biothat, Sun, Earth, solar activity, cavity of Rosh.


Failure of сapitalocracy. S.A. Stroev 

Abstract. In article the classical concept « World plot» is considered, according to which management of global world processes is carried out by the secret organisation having the project of the future and the plan on an embodiment of this project in a reality. Objective interests world capitalocracy oligarchies are considered, discrepancy between these interests and really carried out policy is shown. The conclusion what world transnational financial oligarchy actually, apparently, not stay in the collective subject becomes «world government», which capable to future formation according to the project and the strategic interests. The assumption what the modern world supermonopolistically elite actually is the hostage of blind impersonal social and economic mechanisms capitalocracy with which she is obliged by the occurrence and reproduction as world oligarchy is come out, and is capable to operate development of world processes only in rather narrow and rigid frameworks «corridor possible». The thought what process as a whole is defined not subjectively by an object in view, the plan is proved  «future project», and only cause and effect logic «mechanistic» determinism. It means uncontrollability of movement and possibility of a global collapse of the human civilisation which have rendered involved in mechanics of reproduction mechanisms of capitalocracy. Article is a book fragment «Toolkit сapitalocracy» (S.A.Stroev, SPb, Publishing house of Polytechnical University, 2009).

Keywords: capitalocracy, "World government", new world order, golden billion, transnational financial oligarchy.


About the reasons, the mechanism of formation and consequences of present crisis of world capitalism. V. Bell

Abstract. In article sources of formation of financial resources of the population are investigated and their communication with crediting is shown. It is proved that population crediting is a source of profit of capitalists in home market. The mechanism of formation of crisis in home markets (in particular, a role of the state and bank crediting) is considered. Possibilities of an exit of capitalist system from crisis are defined. The forecast of development of a modern world economic crisis is made.

Keywords: economic crisis, financial crisis, world crisis, capitalism, world capitalism, solvent demand, crediting, state crediting, home market, profit, public debt.


Literary reputations. Popularity fleeting (about Benediktov). I.N. Rozanov

Abstract. The material of the book of the known literary critic and the expert on Russian poetry I.N. Rozanov «Literary reputations» is presented, for the first time published in Moscow in 1928. In I.N. Rozanova's given work bases of new areas of a science - theories and stories of literary reputations are put. Reproducing a book material, Journal «Reputiology» aspires to inform modern readers one of the first works on a theme of literary reputations in the Russia which have become now by a rare book.

Keywords: reputation, attraction, pushing away, inertia, I.N. Rozanov, Benediktov, Lomonosov, Derzhavin, Pushkin, Gogol, Nekrasov, Zhukovsky, Lermontov, Tyutchev, Tolstoy, Bryusov, Mayakovsky, Block.


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