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Periodicity of century waves of a passionarity of earth dwellers.  Chizhevsky's hypothesis and socioeconomic bases. B.I. Iskakov, A.B. Iskakov

Abstract. In article the role of statistical thinking in culture development is shown. Debatable questions socioeconomic, stories and politicians are considered. It is shown, what ethnoclasses - key concept socioeconomic and history. Space factors of a biogeosphere, socioeconomic and history are investigated. Value of resonant conformity of rhythms of space and terrestrial biorhythms is shown. Activity waves biothat, historymetrics and quantum history are described. The passionarity law is formulated. The author's decision of a problem of Volf-Shvabe-Chizhevsky on the basis of gravitational modulation of solar activity is offered. Space spherical lenses and a star irradiation of the Earth and the Sun are described. Influence of the centres libration on the Sun and Earth irradiation is defined. The law of 9 century waves of a passionarity of earth dwellers is formulated.

Keywords:  Chizhevsky's hypothesis, cosmosocioeconomic, socioeconomic, statistics, noosphere, passionarity, ethnoclasses, space, biorhythms, electromagnetic radiation, biosphere, human, historymetrics, biothat, Sun, Earth, solar activity, density of Rosh.



Technology of personal image. V.M. Shepel

Abstract. In article the material from the new book of professor V.M. Shepel «A trade the imagemaker» is presented. Elements of technology of personal image are described (working out of the program of work with the client; the coordination with the client of the program and expenses, the contract conclusion; a personal spirit; air, a hairdress, wigs; design of clothes; «charm a word»; manners and etiquette; system of self-defence, etc.).

Keywords: image, technology of image, professional image, image creation, imagemaker, public relations.



Modern culture of management of military high school: the sociological analysis. V.I. Veremchuk, A.L. Lukinov

Abstract. The article examines the role of organizational culture phenomenon in the management system of higher military educational institutions. Uncover the main factors that determine the current state of organizational culture in military schools. Comparative analysis of the basic value orientations, the actual typology of organizational culture in military schools. The results of empirical studies confirming and justifying the position of the authors. In conclusion, determined accents problems and contradictions of the real state of the organizational culture in military schools.

Keywords: military university, military-social management, organizational culture, values, norms.



Quality of the Russian science in figures. S.S. Mironin

Abstract. The article analyzes the rating of the state of science in Russia. Described and interpreted the basic scientometric indicators. We show that Russia is rather low place in the academic rankings, reflecting the continuing and deepening degradation of Russian science.

Keywords: science, rating, ratings, scientometrics, Russian science, quality assessment.



Juvenile justice and modular instruction as instruments of сapitalocracy.S.A. Stroev

Abstract. In article the juvenile justice and modular formation as tools of destruction of a traditional educational system and formation are considered. The world capitalocracy system, based on virtual financial system, aspires to remove the factors limiting sphere of its action. Such factors are any values which are not included in sphere of a market exchange and not having a money's worth as they limit to the fact of the existence universality of money any way created by bank structures as socially recognized equivalent of value. Conscious destruction of the values which are not entered in a format of universality of market relations and a paradigm of consumption, is carried out by destruction of traditional ways of reproduction and transfer from generation to generation of knowledge, moral standards, stereotypes of thinking and behavior, cultural codes and senses creating a competition to market-consumer norms and stereotypes, broadcast means of mass-media, advertising and reformed in interests capitalocracy systems of public education and formation. The juvenile justice and modular education are tools which serve, on the one hand, for creation ideally operated consumer, and, on the other hand, for destruction of the social communications reducing a management efficiency by means of manipulation by consciousness. Article is a book fragment «Toolkit сapitalocracy» (S.A.Stroev, SPb, Publishing house of Polytechnical University, 2009).

Keywords: capitalocracy, juvenile justice, modular instruction, technology of modular training.



Advertising receptions of a manipulation by the consumer. A.L. Chimeris

Abstract. From the moment of immersing of Russia in elements of market economy advertising became a life integral part. Sometimes it helps consumers to understand set of almost identical goods of different marks, and happens and manipulates, maintaining irrational desires and lulling reason, forcing to buy again and again.

Keywords: advertising, consumer, manipulation receptions, speech manipulation, subconsciousness, psychological influence.



Public opinion and ecology problems. V.I. Bojarintsev, A.N. Samarin, L.K. Fionova

Abstract. In article actual problems of ecology are considered. The ecological situation on lake Baikal is described. Value of public opinion for the decision of environmental problems is shown.

Keywords: ecology, public opinion, ecological organisations, lake Baikal, global warming.



Literary reputations. National track. I.N. Rozanov

Abstract. The material of the book of the known literary critic and the expert on Russian poetry I.N. Rozanov «Literary reputations» is presented, for the first time published in Moscow in 1928. In I.N. Rozanova's given work bases of new areas of a science - theories and stories of literary reputations are put. Reproducing a book material, Journal «Reputiology» aspires to inform modern readers one of the first works on a theme of literary reputations in the Russia which have become now by a rare book.

Keywords: reputation, attraction, pushing away, inertia, I.N. Rozanov, Lomonosov, Derzhavin, Pushkin, Gogol, Nekrasov, Zhukovsky, Lermontov, Tyutchev, Tolstoy, Bryusov, Mayakovsky, Block.


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