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Vol. 3 Nom. 2




Priorities of professional imagemaker. V.M. Shepel

Abstract. In article the material from the new book of professor V.M. Shepel«A trade the imagemaker» is presented. It is shown, what the imagemaker - loftily a humanitarian trade. Personal and business qualities of the imagemaker are considered. It is described the “internal” well-being of the imagemaker. Analytical preparation of the imagemaker is investigated.

Keywords: image, professional image, corporate image, image creation, imagemaker, public relations.


Intercultural dialogue: sociological and socially-psychological problems.T.V. Panfilova

Abstract. In article subjects and levels of intercultural dialogue are considered. Value of intercultural dialogue is shown. Problems of interethnic interaction are defined. The role of education and formation in intercultural dialogue is investigated.

Keywords: intercultural dialogue, conflict, globalization, interethnic interaction, social groups, culture, tolerance.


Social aspects of сapitalocracy. S.A. Stroev

Abstract. In article such dominating social and cultural paradigms of a modern postmodernist society as tolerance, political correctness, feminism and multiculturalism are considered. Virtual financial system has allowed private bank structures exclusively under the cost price aspiring to zero to make the conventional signs accepted by a society as equivalents of cost. In these conditions the measure of the power of monopolistically transnational financial oligarchy is defined by degree of universality of bank notes as measures not only costs, but also values as that. Therefore any spiritual, religious, intellectual, aesthetic, moral-ethical and other values, signs on social prestige, interpersonal and social norms and the relations which essentially are not reduced to a money's worth, limit to existence the power of the supermonopolized financial capital. Accordingly, paradigms of a postmodern imposed to mankind, norms of political correctness and tolerance are tools of destruction of not market values and the relations limiting capitalocracy as system of the world power. Article is a book fragment «Toolkit сapitalocracy» (S.A.Stroev, SPb, Publishing house of Polytechnical University, 2009).

Keywords:  capitalocracy, postmodern, multiculturalism, tolerance, political correctness, feminism.


Trade mark creation by the individual businessman. A.L. Chimeris

Abstract. Constant strengthening of a competition on the Russian commodity market and services has led to active involving of individual businessmen in struggle for consumers by means of creation and advancement of own trade marks. How the businessman to choose and register the trade mark, read in given article.

Keywords: trade mark, brand, sale stimulation, businessman, enterprise activity, positioning, target audience.


Paradoxes of the Soviet person as reflexion of public contradictions of time.T.V. Panfilova

Abstract. In article the Soviet person is considered as cultural-historical type of time. It is shown that the Soviet person was the subject-carrier of contradictions of a corresponding epoch. The conclusion is drawn that to the Soviet person it is necessary to concern as the natural product of the inconsistent epoch which had certain advantages before the present citizen of Russia, deprived of past gains.

Keywords: cultural-historical type, image of the person, USSR, political freedom, ideological stereotype, economic activities, population social protection, social state.


Science and education defeat - destruction of Russia. V.I. Bojarintsev, A.N. Samarin, L.K. Fionova

Abstract. In article the crisis situation in the high technology industry of Russia is analyzed. Catastrophic results «reforms» of sciences are considered. Problems of application of uniform graduation examination are defined. System degradation of a modern society is shown. It is proved that, declaring transition to innovative economy, the authorities do everything that this transition became impossible. Author's offers on an exit of a science from a crisis state are given.

Keywords: science, education, military-industrial complex, uniform graduation examination, secondary education, higher education, innovations, nanotechnologies, government, Russian Academy of Sciences, emigration.


Reputatsionnye technologies of the modern companies. V.M. Shepel

Abstract. In article the role of reputation technologies in activity of the business organisations is shown. Value of public relations and reputation technologies for the modern companies is defined. Components of reputation technologies are in detail considered: semantic appointment; information product; technical maintenance; organizational forms.

Keywords: corporate image, image creation, imagemaker, public relations, corporate reputation, reputation management, reputation technologies, communication technologies.


Electronic identification and implantation of microchips. S.A. Stroev

Abstract. In article modern means and elements of system of the electronic control in their interrelation are considered: personal numbers and the electronic documents connected with network databases, automatic gathering of the information on purchases, movings, telephone conversations, activity on the Internet, the means of video-supervision sewed in a thing and implanted into a body microchips. Article is a book fragment «Toolkitсapitalocracy» (S.A.Stroev, SPb, Publishing house of Polytechnical University, 2009).

Keywords:  capitalocracy, electronic control, bioidentifier, personal identification code, RFID-chip, chip-implant, database.


Literary reputations. I.N. Rozanov

Abstract. The material of the book of the known literary critic and the expert on Russian poetry I.N. Rozanov «Literary reputations» is presented, for the first time published in Moscow in 1928. In I.N. Rozanova's given work bases of new areas of a science - theories and stories of literary reputations are put. Reproducing a book material, Journal «Reputiology» aspires to inform modern readers one of the first works on a theme of literary reputations in the Russia which have become now by a rare book.

Keywords: reputation, attraction, pushing away, inertia, I.N. Rozanov, Lomonosov, Derzhavin, Pushkin, Gogol, Nekrasov, Zhukovsky, Lermontov, Tyutchev, Tolstoy, Bryusov, Mayakovsky, Block.


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