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Vol. 2 Nom. 1



Professional mission of the imagemaker. V.M. Shepel

Abstract. In article the material from the new book of professor V.M. Shepel «A trade the image maker» is presented.  The concept is considered «image maker» аnd its communication with concepts «stylist» and «PR-man». Bases of practical activities of the image maker are designated. Defining value of activity of the image maker for achievement of attractive image is shown.

Keywords: imagemaker, imageology, stylist, PR-man


Reputation of corporation: formation and management. M.I. Purmel

 Abstract. Article is devoted to the peculiarities of  formation and management of the reputation of corporation . Here are those items which are investigated in the article: the concept of the corporation, the etymology of this term and several scientific points of view. The separate paragraph is devoted to explanation of the concept of “the reputation of corporation” and the mechanisms of its forming. The author generalizes problems and makes a 3-level system of them concerned with forming  factors of the reputation of corporation.

 Keywords: reputation of corporation, corporate management, formation of reputation, reputation management,  mission and vision.



Technique of company reputation management on the basis of system reputation structures. A.Y. Yusupova

Abstract. In article the author's system reputation structures of company, consisting of ideal, real, proceeding and external reputation structures is considered. The algorithm of application of a technique of management by reputation of the company on the basis of system reputation structures is described. Offers on use of system reputation structures are given.

Keywords: reputation profile, reputation management, public relation.



Using innovations to build corporate reputation of the Russian banks. S.V. Gorin

Abstract. The purpose of research is studying problems and prospects of using innovations to build corporate reputation of the Russian banks. Research is performed within the limits of research work of the Moscow Bank Institute. The author has lead interrogation of workers of the Russian banks with the purpose to find out their attitude to corporate reputation and innovations at its formation. It has been interrogated more than 200 workers of various banks. The received results are processed and presented in an evident kind. Comparison of opinions of the Russian bank employees in the field of corporate reputation with the settled opinions on corporate reputation in the USA.. In research the following primary goals are solved: 1. Specificity of the Russian banks as generators of innovations in the field of corporate reputation. 2. The analysis of problems of introduction of innovations in corporate reputation in the Russian banks. 3. Definition of prospects of use of innovations in corporate reputation of the Russian banks through development of author's recommendations.

Keywords: reputation management, corporate reputation, bank management, bank

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Problems and contradictions of the modern company internal reputationformation. S.A. Barkov, O.V. Dorohina

Abstract. In article the basic problems of internal reputation formation of the created power companies are analyzed. It is shown, that the modern economic crisis makes active in the companies plural reputation risks. On the basis of sociological research contradictions in internal reputation formation of one their generating companies of the wholesale market of the electric power are revealed.

Keywords: Internal reputation, reputation risk, natural monopolies, electric power industry


Reputation and image of Russian judges. S.V. Gorin

Abstract. In article the mechanism of image and reputation formation of the judge and judicial system image is considered. Dynamics of judges and judicial system image change is analysed. For the first time results of questioning of the Russian judges concerning own reputation and image are resulted. Legislative aspects of the judge in Russia and abroad image and reputation are considered. Requirements are led to court device worker image and reputation. Forms of protection judge honor and advantage are described. Offers on improvement of the Russian judges image and reputation are given.

Keywords: judge reputation, judge image, judicial system, protection of reputation, improvement of reputation.


Strategy by reputation management of small enterprises of various organizational-legal forms. S.V. Tinkov, V.V. Tinkov

Abstract. In article influence of various organizational-legal forms on starting potential of business reputation of small enterprises is shown. Characteristic features of various organizational-legal forms of small business that has allowed to open interest of small enterprises in management of own reputation are allocated. Strategy of management by reputation by small enterprises of various organizational-legal forms is offered.

Keywords: small business, business reputation, organizational-legal form.


Image of Sweden abroad. V.I. Beloglazova

Abstract. In article in the compressed form information theses about perception of image of Sweden in other countries of world around are stated. Sweden plays the leading part in the field of technologies, manufactures of agriculture products, social programs, cultures and sports. Gravity, validity, decency and reliability in business partnership help Swedes to hold steady positions in world business and in trade and economic cooperation within the limits of the European Union, and also to level the negative moments of process of globalization and the burst world crisis. An important role in construction of socially fair and advanced society the personal factor in behaviour of Swedes plays, the attitude to work, activity and innovation, skill to have a rest and go in for sports.

Keywords: image, national feature of Swedes, the Scandinavian countries



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