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Vol. 4 Nom. 5-6



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Vol. 4 Nom. 5-6



         Infernogenesis: on civilizational crisis. S.A. Stroev

Abstract. In article the modernist style phenomenon as special, historically unique trajectory of forward disintegration of the Western civilisation based on the Christian base and a postmodern phenomenon as the final ending of this disintegration and mankind returning in before religion    and, as consequence, before civilization condition is considered. The logic caused by refusal of Christianity of wreck of key phenomena of a civilisation is opened - Persons as indivisible subject of informative abilities and free will, World as objective cognizable reality, positive science and civil law. Communication between postmodernist refusal of integrity and sense in art and a science and manipulation management based on destruction of the person as those is shown. 

Keywords: civilization, crisis, postmodernity, virtualization, post-history, pluralistic repressiveness.


            Potential of personal advantage. V.M. Shepel

Abstract. In article the material from the book of professor V.M. Shepel «Effective management. To think in Russian» is presented. Debatable questions of formation of personal advantage are considered. It is shown that personal advantage is a self-formed phenomenon. Communication between personal advantage and mentality is defined.

Keywords: ambition, competitiveness, personal advantage, honour.



           Improvement of company reputation at interaction with the basic contact groups. S.V. Gorin

Abstract. In article the complex of strategic decisions on the organisation of effective interaction with the companies basic contact groups is offered. The basic directions of improvement of reputation of the company are considered: interaction with consumers; interaction with partners; interaction with the personnel; interaction with state structures; interaction with other public institutes.

Keywords: company reputation, corporate reputation, business reputation, public relations, reputation improvement.



            Intellectual property management. G.V. Fokin

Abstract. Intellectual property management is an extension of regulations standards set by ISO 9000. The main task of  intellectual property management - the legalization of intellectual property rights in intangible assets of enterprises with the priorities of risk management rights holder associated with challenging and not a recognition of the (intellectual property) rights of company. This paper is a practical guide to intellectual property management using standardized algorithms, regardless of industry-specific businesses.

Keywords: copyright, intellectual property, intellectual rights, management, intangible assets, valuation, patent holder, insurance, maintenance management, risk management, FINAS.


             Image of the officer of modern Armed forces of the Russian Federation (the sociological analysis). V.I. Veremchuk, D.S. Krutilin

Abstract. In article results of the sociological analysis of image of officers-heads of modern Russian army are presented. The hypothesis about dependence of efficiency of administrative activity of officers on social characteristics and features of their image which has developed in military collective is confirmed.

Keywords: image, the officer, the commander of division, Armed forces of the Russian Federation.



            Features dental services as a basis for forming the image of non-governmental organization of dental. V.V. Matsko

Abstract. In recent years, dental clinics are marketing tools for creating a positive image. In this regard, it is necessary to study and high light the features of dental services and their impact on shaping the image of private dental organizations.

Keywords: image, medical service, internal marketing, external marketing, dental service.



           Work "pluses" and "minuses". V.M. Shepel

Abstract. In article the material from the book of professor V.M. Shepel «How to live long and joyfully» is presented. Positive and negative influence of work on the human is described. It is shown that workaholism — a problem of a modern civilization. Self-management principles are offered. Making arts are investigated to operate life (life management).  

Keywords: work, manager, management, self-management, profession, professionnal activity.

            Moral degradation as ecological threat. A.N. Samarin

Abstract. In article the social and economic situation in modern Russia is analyzed. The reasons and factors of moral degradation are defined. The conclusion is drawn that without having eliminated the main source of demoralisation of a society which is covered in criminal-oligarchical system, it is impossible neither to normalise a moral situation, nor to confirm necessary moral and rules of law in ecology sphere.

Keywords: globalisation, ecology, moral priorities, moral principles, moral degradation, ecological threats.


             Features of judicial protection of exclusive rights to intellectual property. G.V. Fokin

Abstract. Still innovations were recently main advertizing slogan. Now all to a bowl tell about modernization and intellectual property, however non-material actives at the enterprises from it hasn't increased. In the conditions of competitions requirements to "reserve" are established and patents under contracts make out even before carrying out of competitions. Software business has certificates on registration of the computer programs and it is vain — these certificates documents aren't also presence, uses of intellectual property without infringement of the intellectual rights don't confirm. In article on a claim example about an exclusive right recognition errors of "homebrew legal owners» and their  advisers reveal.

Keywords: copyright, uniform technologies, innovations, intellectual rights, intellectual property, license policy, license agreement, non-material actives, know-how, legal owner, FINAS.



            Russian-Asian relations in geopolitical aspect of deterrence of China. A.A. Khramchikhin

Abstract. India, Vietnam and Mongolia are optimum allies of Russia in Asia. It is desirable to promote in every possible way also to peace and association of two Koreas equal in rights and to seek an establishment of as much as possible close partnership with united Korea. Unfortunately, the Russian foreign policy on the Asian direction is very passive. The Russian interests were severely damaged by intrusion to India of idea "a triangle Moscow – Delhi – Beijing". 

Keywords: Russia, China, India, Vietnam, ASEAN, Mongolia, DPRK, Republic of Korea.

            The collective competence of innovation activity. E.G. Bryndin

Abstract. At present, Russia's main task is to build an innovative economy. The basis of a national innovation system is the creation and effective functioning of regional innovation systems. The paper shows that the effective development of innovative economy requires the integration of economic, financial, organizational, social and economic activities on the basis of collective responsibility. 

Keywords: innovative economy, innovation activity, collective competence.


           The creative formula of the Swedish business (on IКЕА example). V.I. Beloglazova

Abstract. In article it is considered innovative Swedish management on an example of Trading house IKEA. It is necessary to estimate that leading part which has played IKEA Russia, having shown scale, innovation, honesty in business dealing. IKEA has played not last role in concept of an administrative link for the future experts. Shops of type IKEA (MEGA, ASHAN, OBI) is super enterprises for realization of consumer goods. At the same time they form public consciousness on a new basis of standards of shops and granting of services by them. 

Keywords: administrative link, creative thinking, IKEA, social responsibility business, Sweden business.


            The effective organization of trading space in shop. A.L. Chimeris

Abstract. Article is devoted how correctly to plan and issue trading space of shop. It is analysed, what advertizing materials and the equipment are necessary for using to stimulate consumers on purchasing. 

Keywords: POS, POSM, digital signage, trading equipment, shop registration, floor space, trading floor, show-window, trading floor, advertizing.



            Information war as a method of processing of mass consciousness. A.N. Samarin, L.K. Fionova, A.P. Shabalin

Abstract. In article the modern method of mass consciousness processing - information war is analyzed. Negative influence of information war on Russia development is defined. Economic, intellectual and cultural aspects of degradation of the Russian society are considered.

Keywords: information war, mass consciousness, public opinion, social and economic development.


           On the regional labor market as a regulator of supply and demand of labor. D.N. Timofeev

Abstract. The article deals with regional and local labor markets have great potential for self-regulation. Quantitative and structural imbalances are reflected. The main causes of labor low mobility in contemporary Russia.

Keywords: labor demand, labor supply, the equilibrium level of wage, disparity in labor supply.




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