Journal of Economy and entrepreneurship  


Vol. 2 Nom.3-4


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To Russia it is necessary meritocracies. V.M. Shepel

Abstract. XXI century – time of qualitative civilized transformations in a modern society. Their incentive reason are not "multi-coloured" revolutions, and polyformatted innovative management. As one of those acts meritocracies.

Keywords: meritocracies, national consciousness, personnel selection, authorities of management


Research of interrelation of indexes of RTS and growth of gross national product. N.E. Egorova, A.R. Bahtizin

Abstract.Article is devoted to research of the interrelations revealed by means of methods of the correlation analysis, between growth of a total internal product and the share market of Russia. As economic indicators the chain and saved up indexes of dynamics of gross national product and an exchange RTS-index are used. Work is executed at support of the grant of the Russian Federal Property Fund, the project № 08-06-00163 “Theory-methodological bases of the analysis of the Russian share market with use of neural networks”.

Keywords: RTS-index, total internal product


Market attitudes: sense and borders of efficiency. T.B. Doroboliuk, A.V. Nosov

Abstract. In article the reason of efficiency of market regulation of an economic life of a society from positions of cybernetics, i.e. sense of the market is considered. On this basis boundary conditions of efficiency of the market as regulator of an economic life of a society are defined. Also areas of social being in which the market is inapplicable by virtue of their specific nature are defined.

Keywords: market, market attitudes, efficiency, cybernetics


Modern condition and economic development of an internal sailing charter. E.Y. Antonova

Abstract. In article the general characteristic of a modern condition of an internal sailing charter is given, and the basic problems of its economic development are revealed. The complex approach to the decision of system problems of an internal sailing charter is offered.

Keywords: sailing charter, economic development


The organization of the account of contractual relations at the enterprise.N.I. Beguchev, M.V. Fimin

Abstract. In the article an option of the account of contractual relations at the enterprise is considered. The way of formalization of the information on obligations of the enterprise and its counterparts for the subsequent automated processing is proposed.

Keywords: contractual relations, the account, logical function


Trade and economic cooperation of Russia and Sweden at the present stage. V.I. Beloglazova

Abstract. In article the basic data on mutual relations in trade and economic sphere between Russia and Sweden are stated. Apparently from the given material, the basic parameters describing trade and economic cooperation of two parties, the volume of commodity circulation, its intensity and a saturation the maintenance of articles of export and import is. One of prominent aspects of cooperation in economic sphere as it is visible from article, is the mutually advantageous volume of investments. The resulted examples of cooperation testify to the active investment policy and its powerful presence in the Russian market. In connection with world financial crisis quite obviously, that mutual concrete measures on preservation of perspectives of economic cooperation of Russia and Sweden and its deducing on higher level will be taken.

Keywords: trade and economic cooperation, investments, commodity circulation, Sweden


Рacking manufacture of Russia: a condition, problems, conditions of development. 

А.P. Tatyanchenko

Abstract. In article preconditions of formation of packing manufacture in Russia reveal, the reasons of fast growth of the Russian packing industry within last decade, and also the problems arising at the present stage of its functioning are analyzed. It is shown, that to one of determinatives of occurrence of the given sector became the technological innovations imported from the leading countries.

Keywords: container, packing, packing manufacture, the food-processing industry