Journal of Economy and entrepreneurship  


Vol. 4 Nom.1

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Ways to the future of Russia. A.A. Kasyanov

Abstract. In article scientifically well-founded strategy of a sustainable development of Russia on the basis of the basic theories of istoriko-economic development of the world is offered. It is shown that active innovative development in real sector of economy of Russia depends on the decision the state of following nasushch th problems: 1) developments of innovative activity in real sector of economy; 2) redistribution of a parity of norm of loan percent for the credit and profitableness of investments; 3) legislation change on author's and to a patent right; 4) creation and development of system of target financial funds for innovations, etc.

Keywords: sustainable development, economy of Russia, innovation, credit, investments, government, economic laws, nature laws.


Crash of madness economy. Y.A. Lisovsky

Abstract. In article the crisis situation in economy of Russia is analyzed. The author connects catastrophic state of the economy of Russia with a policy spent by the government. It is shown that in Russia there is a further impoverishment of the population and growth of social stratification. The conclusion is drawn that attempt of the Government of the Russian Federation to solve a problem of real economy through support of existing bank system is erroneous. Opinions of leading scientists on a corruption and oligarchy problem are generalised. It is supposed that mankind consolidation can occur round the general base values большей parts of the population of a planet.

Keywords: economic crisis, economic policy, government, bank system, social stratification, public debt, incomes and population expenses, corruption, oligarchy, state corporations, economic accident.


Regional aspects of a budgetary policy. A.V. Sinelobov

Abstract. In article the analysis of system efficiency indicators estimation of Russian Federation subjects enforcement authorities is given. Problems of a spent policy of interbudgetary regulation are considered. Offers on achievement of a coordination with budgets of all levels of accepted decisions on realization of social and regions economic development are given.

Keywords: budgetary policy, regional policy, interbudgetary relations, budgetary security, incomes and expenses of budgets.


Methodical aspects of market researches on the basis of the fuzzy logic.Y.A. Golosnaya

Abstract. In the article one of the methods of the fuzzy logic – the analytic hierarchy process is presented. The history, current state of the fuzzy logic has been considered. Its role and value in the economic analysis and practical application is defined. On the basis of the analytic hierarchy process possibilities application of the fuzzy logic for market researches have been considered.

Keywords: fuzzy logic, fuzzy multiple analysis, analytic hierarchy process, single criteria decision, multiple criteria decision.


Influence of world financial crisis on the market of the Russian leasing.V.A. Popov

Abstract. In article tendencies of development of the market of the Russian leasing in the conditions of world financial crisis are analyzed. The basic problems of the leasing companies in modern conditions (problems of return of leasing debts and defaults are revealed; toughening of requirements to addressees; decrease in quantity and quality of borrowers; preschedule closing of transactions with sale of leasing property to addressees). The conclusion is drawn that possible growth and development of the leasing companies, will occur at the expense of merge and absorption by large participants of the market of smaller.

Keywords: financial crisis, the leasing market, crediting, the leasing companies, refinancing, liquidity.


Financial structure of a bank and the mechanism of allocation of operational expenses. O.I. Isaev

Abstract. The author of the article develops theoretical and methodological aspects of building of banking financial structure in the budgeting process and functioning of the mechanism of operational expenses allocation. Special attention is paid to explanation of typology of financial responsibility centers, ensuring the opportunity of application of cascade method of operational expenses allocation by the level of independent banking products.

Keywords: budgeting, allocation of operational expenses, financial structure, business-department, business-segment.


Substantiation of strategy of development of small business in region (on materials of the Sakhalin region). L.Y. Filobokova

Abstract. Accepted by the order of the Government of the Russian Federation the concept of long-term social and economic development of Russia till 2020 has designated strategy of transformation of national economy to the innovative socially focused type of economy. In article it is shown, what success of realisation of the declared installations depends on efficiency of strategy of regional development and, first of all, from most innovatively its focused subsystem «small business».

Keywords: small business, region, Sakhalin region, economy of Russia, government, regional economy, total regional product, competitive potential.


Conceptual bases of communication management. V.M. Shepel

Abstract. In article the material from the new book of professor V.M.Shepel prepared for the press is presented «Professional thinking of the manager». The sense of communication management is shown. Valuable priorities of activity of the manager are defined. Management functions are investigated. The management mechanism is considered.

Keywords: communication management, the manager, mentality, cogitative algorithms, the information, management.


Accounting outsourcing for a small-scale business. N.V. Polubojarova

Abstract. The term «Outsourcing» а sign, probably, to everyone, but not all know that this such for what serves, promises what advantages. Nevertheless, for example, accounting outsourcing can help to save up to businessmen the considerable time, financial and human resources necessary for development of business, to lower costs and to increase efficiency of business processes. About all it read in below-mentioned article.

Keywords: оutsourcing, accounting outsourcing, tax consultation, accounting service, small-scale business service.


Competitiveness of small business. G.B. Bakaljagin

Abstract. In article the basic competitive advantages of small business are shown. The factors influencing competitiveness are defined. The contribution of the small and average enterprises to gross national product to the world countries is analysed. Dynamics of profitableness and profitability of the small and large enterprises is investigated. Prospects of development of small business in Russia are considered.

Keywords: competitiveness, small business, state regulation, profitableness, profitability, gross national product.