Journal of Economy and entrepreneurship  

Vol. 4 Nom.4

Vol. 4 Nom.4


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Possibilities of economic science and development of economy. O.S. Sukharev

Abstract. The article discussed condition of economic science to financial world crisis 2008-2009, show view point keynesian theory, neo-classical theory, neo-shumpeterian economic theory and institutionalism for problems modern crisis,  researching possibilities of development economic science and economy. For Russian economy giving theoretical analysis the problems of modernization how method of economic development, and discussed  some aspect for construction of the  theory of economic development.

Keywords: structural policy, modernization of economy, keynesian theory, neo-classical theory, neo-shumpeterian economic theory,   institutionalism, development of economy, theory of development, economic growth.


Optimum structure of economy. E.G. Bryndin

Abstract. In article the author's approach to understanding of optimum structure of economy is offered. The function chart of business cycles is described. Communication between modernization economy, economy of development and innovative health-saving market economy is considered.

Keywords: economy structure, economy modernisation, development economy, health-saving economy, market economy.


About factors of economy criminalization recurrence. A.V. Grachev

Abstract. Article is devoted a substantiation of property of recurrence of society economic sphere criminalization. The author considers development of shadow economy against cyclically developing economic system. The conclusion is as a result drawn on presence of phases of lifting and recession for criminal sector of the world economy.

Keywords: economy criminalisation, recurrence, shadow economy, decriminalization.


Labor and the property. A.A. Alpatov

Abstract. This article raises the problem of relations between labor and property. In the context of philosophical, economic and legal analysis of labor and property shows great importance to these phenomena for social practice. In order to identify all employees represented as the effective owner, the author, basing on the principle of proportionality of the contribution and obtainment, defends the idea of redistribution of property rights in the corporation. The proposed formula of the interaction stimulates the creative energies of every individual in the high-performance work.

Keywords: needs, market exchange, labor, property, interaction, contra-crisis approach, total economic balance, specification and distribution of the property rights.


Perspective directions of development of the food market of the Kemerovo region.N.V. Kudrevatikh

Abstract. In article problems of the Kemerovo region in agriculture sphere are stated  and sormation of agrofood joint ventures and creation of an electronic food stock exchange with a view of development of the food market of the Kemerovo region. It will allow to provide food safety in the region, and increase a profitable part of the budget, besides to improve quality of a life of the population.

Keywords: food market, region, аgrofood joint ventures, electronic food stock exchange.


Estimation of a condition and region development as a management basis its competitiveness (on materials of the Sakhalin region). A.V. Lemdjaev

Abstract. Competitive stability of region represents a condition of stability of the system, caused by its competitiveness and efficiency of the control systems predetermining informal (heuristic) approaches as to an estimation of a condition and dynamics of system, and to identification of qualitative characteristics.

Keywords: region, competitiveness, сompetitive stability, estimation, management, Sakhalin region.


Problems of industrial development of export-oriented regions (based on materials survey of industrial enterprises of the Vologda region). T.G. Smirnova, L.V. Dubinicheva

Abstract. In the article the results of the questionnaire of managers of industrial enterprises of the Vologda region conducted in 2009, surveyed by the Institute of Socio-Economic Development of Territories of Russian Academy of Science are presented. The aim of the questionnaire was to identify trends taken place in the regional industry and to assess the actual problems of development during the financial and economic crisis. The questionnaire was held among business leaders who represent the main economic activities in the region and production of which reaches about 70% of the total industrial production of the Vologda region.

Keywords: Vologda region, industry, foreign trade, factors and dynamics of production, financial and economic crisis.


Increase of stability of the enterprises of agrarian and industrial complex on the basis of introduction of electronic commerce. V.Y. Kamyshenkov, J.V. Tkacheva

Abstract. Development and perfection of economic relations on various levels lead to success of business is defined by new and new factors. Its positive display can provide financial stability and growth of the enterprise, but negative one can lead to full breakdown. In modern conditions constant adaptation of the enterprise to changing conditions of managing is necessary to avoid an insolvency and not to admit bankruptcy. It should be based on introduction of the advanced scientific achievements. Authors offer the innovative approach: using means of electronic commerce for improvement of structure and dynamics of economic flows of the agricultural enterprises.

Keywords: economic flows, insolvency, bankruptcy, stability, exchange relations, productivity of activity, the agrarian and industrial complex enterprises, electronic commerce, problems of state regulation of the Internet, sale of agricultural production.


Application of alternative methods of strategic planning at the enterprises of fish branch. M.O. Gryaznova, S.B. Savelyevа

Abstract. Article is devoted practical application of alternative methods of strategic planning and management. Application of a method of Arthur Littla which basic idea is the close interrelation of life cycle of branch and appeal of business is considered. In article the strategic analysis of fish branch with use of the given method is considered.

Keywords: life cycle, strategic position, market position, strategic alternatives, model ADL/LC, RONA-columns.


Professional requirements to the personnel. V.M. Shepel

Abstract. In article the material from the new book of professor V.M. Shepel «A trade the imagemaker» is presented. Professional suitability and professional competence of the personnel are considered. The personal and corporate ambition is investigated. Value of human competence of the manager is shown.

Keywords: communication management, manager, mentality, information, management, imagemaker, communications, information technology, communication service, historical memory, scientific and technical progress, management perfection, human competence.


The system of institutional investor: the nature, content and occurrence causes.A.V. Trofimovskaya

Abstract. One of the most characteristic features of the world stock markets in the last decades of the twentieth century has been a consistent increase in the role and influence of institutional investors including institutions, financial intermediaries serving. The system of institutional investor – is a set of financial for various purposes, a common feature of which is to invest funds in securities and other assets on behalf of the institution and portfolio management for the enhancement of these resources by extracting income.

Keywords: institutional investors, joint investors, stock markets.


Enabling factors and resource enforcement concept of partnership in small business. E.V. Isaeva

Abstract. This article shows the features of small businesses, which determine the necessity of introducing the concept of partnership for success and competitiveness of small enterprises. The basic effect achieved with the implementation of this concept for a small business and justify the need for a resource - the network information system.

Keywords: partnership, small business, communication, information system.