Journal of Economy and entrepreneurship  


Vol. 4 Nom.6

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The theory of economy efficiency: organizational, institutional and systems view of the problem. O.S. Sukharev

Abstract. The article deals any questions by institutional, organizational and systems efficiency. Author are offer to evaluate the efficiency of economic systems for degree her dysfunction. In paper offer axioms of the theory of efficiency against classical position to the theory of efficiency.

Keywords: institutional efficiency, economic systems, dysfunction, X-efficiency, organizational efficiency, synergetic efficiency, formal and nonformal institutions, transaction cost.


The organisation and management of innovative economy. E.G. Bryndin

Abstract. In article social and economic aspects of the concept of management are considered by innovative economy. The new model of management is offered by barter. The basic indicators of management by economy and indicators of measurement of social progress are defined. Possibilities of formation of innovative economy through the innovative centres are shown. The basic directions of development of innovative activity and a measure of its support are proved.

Keywords: innovative economy, management of economy, barter, social progress, management indicators, innovative centres, innovative activity.


Imitating agency model of reproduction of the human capital. A.A. Gavrilov

Abstract. In article the short description of the computer imitating model developed by the author representing an artificial virtual society is resulted. The given model is intended for management imitation in a mode of real time by processes of reproduction of the population and the human capital.

Keywords: agent model, artificial intellect, statechart, human capital.


Development of the food market of industrial region and quality of the population life. N.V. Kudrevatikh

Abstract. In article attempt of an establishment of interrelation of development of the food market of industrial region and quality of a life of the population on an example of the Kemerovo region is undertaken.

Keywords: food market, industrial region, quality of the population life, Kemerovo region.


Economic research of communication between quantity of laws making change in a part second the Tax code and shares of incomes of the consolidated budget of the Russian Federation from enterprise activity . M.V. Sheptunov

Abstract. The article  is  devoted  to  the  ascertaining  and  analysis  of  the  direct  impact  of  the  yearly  quantity  of  the  bringing  amendments  Federal  Enactments  of  Russia  into  the  Part II of  Taxing  Codex  of  Russia  upon  the  dynamic  of  the  share  of  the  incomes  of  the  Consolidated  budget  of  Russia  from  the   entrepreneurial   activities.  The  research  is  based  on  the  published  official  data  of  the  Federal  Treasure  and  on  the  fundamentals  of  the  ascertained  econometric  model  with  yearly-log  variable.

Keywords: consolidated  budget  of Russia, Taxing   codex  amendments,   incomes     from   the   entrepreneurial   activities, econometric  model  with  yearly-log  variable.


Present practice quality estimating of  transport service of townspeople under municipal finances reforming in big Russian cities. A.V. Chernykhin

Abstract. The article is devoted by results of municipal finances reforming in some Russian cities, what proposing to inculcate a new principles financing budget services into activity of municipal governments. One of such services is a transport service of townspeople, characterized by a high difficult of quality estimation. The article are described a home experience of legal regulation quality estimating of transport service of townspeople.

Keywords: budget services, big cities, transport service of townspeople, quality indexes.


The position of the regional banks in financial system of Russia. A.A. Moskvichev,  L.N. Nazarova

Abstract. In article the process of transformation of Russian banking system after crisis is considered. The government policy analysis in relation to the small and average regional banks is carried out. The advantages of average regional banks before the largest financial organizations are proved. The prospects of division of banking system on some levels, depending on size of the capital of credit institutes are considered. It is offered to enter the concept of regional bank which is confirmed in the law.  It is drawn a conclusion about the ways of development of the regional banks, considering an industry current state.

Keywords: bank system, regional credit organisations, regional banks, financial crisis, commercial banks, crediting.


Mode of incomplete working hours. L.Y. Baranova

Abstract. In article the mode of incomplete working hours as the form of non-standard employment and display of the latent unemployment is considered. In a today’s situation when on a mode of incomplete working hours the problem decision on a labour market is translated more than 53% of the Russian enterprises it is obviously possible thanks to going efforts of the state, employers, trade unions and workers.

Keywords: non-standard employment, latent unemployment, mode of incomplete working hours, social partnership.


Role of internal financial sources in maintenance of development of the wholesale generating companies. M.A. Simonov

Abstract. As a result of structural reform of electric power industry the enterprises of the wholesale generation have been organized, steady functioning and which development is provided by means of an optimum parity of internal and external financial sources. In work classification of internal and external sources of development of such companies is offered, the detailed analysis of internal sources of development of six companies in the last two years, a substantiated conclusion about the tendency of increase of their role in development is carried out.

Keywords: wholesale generating company, electric power industry, financial resources, internal sources of financing.


Factors of personnel competitiveness. V.M. Shepel

Abstract. In article the material from the book of professor V.M. Shepel «A trade the imagemaker» is presented. Process of management intellectualization is considered. Functions of advisers are investigated. Receptions of effective stimulation of the personnel are described. Value of culture of administrative dialogue is shown. Possibilities of use of authority of the manager are defined.

Keywords: communication management, manager, mentality, information, management, imagemaker, communications, information technology, communication service, scientific and technical progress, management perfection.


At the approaches to market: the making of the concepts of value and price in the ancient world. A.E. Petrosyan

Abstract. Today, as before, heated debates flare up regarding value and price. Nevertheless the problem remains still very fat from its resolution. One of the most fundamental causes of such a state of affairs is the lack of interest in the evolution of the concepts themselves. To make up this deficiency the author combines a detailed anatomizing of the real coming-to-be with the reconstruction of the logic of their unfolding - from the origins to the fall of Rome – in the context of practical challenges being met.

Keywords: value, price, exchange, labour, antiquity.


Small entrepreneurship in the conditions of globalization and modernization national economy. L.U. Filobokova 

Abstract. Globalization of world economy and growing synchronization of politic-legal and socially-humanitarian processes on a global scale create essentially new context of development of Russia, predetermining realization the modernization strategy which essence consists in creation by forces of wide public coalitions of the mechanisms providing innovative development on the basis of use of competitive advantages. Target and tool functions of small business transform it to one of basic factors of Russian reposition in world economy.

Keywords: small entrepreneurship, small business, competitiveness, globalization of economy, modernization of economy.


Transformation of educational process into educational-innovative process. E.L.Smolianova, A.V. Kuznetsov

Abstract. In the article results of research and the basic approaches on transformation of educational process of establishments of the higher military vocational training into educational-innovative process are presented. Features of preparation of experts for armed forces are considered, recommendations about integration of the system of a military education into national innovative system are presented.

Keywords: national innovative system, innovative activity, educational-innovative process, innovative military educational-scientific complex