Journal of Economy and entrepreneurship  

JEE Vol. 6 Nom. 6


Vol. 6 Nom. 6

(Novwmber-December  2012)








New institutionalism theory: problems of an explanation of an inefficiency of institutes

O.S. Sukharev

The effect of Pozharov A.I. as the law in the sphere of providing optimal correlation between

economic and military security of nuclear powers

V.V. Grebenik, S.V. Shkodinsky


The prospects of mediation services in high-tech products market

M.L. Sher

Areas of state regulation and support reproductive processes in the agricultural industry

of the Russian Federation

A.A. Shavernev

The cluster approach as the basis of innovative development of the Russian economy

A.S. Abdulkadyrov

Agricultural insurance with the support of makes out the government

I.M. Podkolzina,  S.G. Shmatko, Y.E. Klishina

Study of the results of innovative development management in Russian economy

A.A. Junitsky, M.N. Guseva

Transnationalization processes in global economic relations: past, present, future

V.S. Petukhov

The prospects of using Islamic financial instruments to stimulate  economic growth in Russia

D.Sh. Gazdiev

Pricing as a dominant factor in the modernization of agriculture grain subcomplex

M.H. Balkizov, I.R. Mikitaeva, M.A. Hamukova

The development of national economy and welfare state in the Germany

O.A. Kuznetsova

Features of an industrial policy of the state in the conditions of joining to the World trade


I.I. Bezrukov

Region marketing as the factor of increase of competitiveness of Orenburg region export potential

V.P. Kovalevsky

On the stability of bank sector of Azerbaijan in the condition of globalization of financial market

T.T. Aliyeva

The basis of emphasizing method of donator regions and receiver ones

Т.Т. Tsymbalenko, A.P. Yanukyan, S.V. Tsymbalenko

The essence and basic functions of the strategic management of the regional economic development

V.N. Andreev

Challenges of sustainable development social-ecological-economic system area

V.I. Berezghnoi, A.E. Belyaev

Evaluation and analysis of riskiness industrial  complex region: meso- and micro- levels

(for example, Sverdlovsk region)

E.A. Kuzmin

Rational model of interaction of the state and corporations on the mergers and acquisitions market

M.M. Musatova

Management of development of social infrastructure of the region (on an example of Rostov region)

Y.S. Testina, T.B. Ochirova

Forming of specialized industrial zones for livestock products

M.L. Yashina, O.V. Solntseva

Structural development of a agriculture grain subcomplex

M.H. Balkizov, F.G. Zhemuhova, I.R. Mikitaeva

Comparative analysis of Russian Federation oil complex development

V.G. Tyapko

Investigation of the features of the higher vocational education functioning in Krasnodar Region

V.R. Mezhlumova

Modern aspects of management in the sphere of housing and utilities

E.V. Vikulina

The model of customs innovation activity management system

A.V. Miretin

Identification of regional economic development problems of the North-Caucasian Federal District

R.A. Levchenko, T.V. Skrebtsova

Tax incentives as a factor in attracting investment into the region

O.A. Zakharova

Condition of roads as a key factor to develop a logistic cluster in the Smolensk region

O.G. Kirsanova

Perspectives implementation of the strategy by resource and energy efficiency in enterprises

of Russian forest sector

S.A. Konshakova, S.G. Kuznetcov

Economic interpretation of production and the radioactive waste management of  nuclear power


M.A. Strezhkova

Study of the influence of economic crisis on the development of the services sector

E.E. Sharafanova, T.B. Othirova, N.V. Beliakova

The theoretical aspects of the economic efficiency of agricultural production

N.A. Miroshnichenko

Vologda region and the WTO: new opportunities and old problems

T.G. Smirnova

Analysis of the foreign experience of industrial policy's realization in the automobile industry

in conditions of country's joining the World trade organization

I.I. Bezrukov, S.V. Gorin

System-forming function of the agricultural sector of regional economies

Y.S. Skripnichenko, T.V. Skrebtsova

Formation of raw materials as an effective tool for strategic development of the meat industry

I.P. Bogomolova, D.V. Shaikin, S.G. Filimonov, D.N. Bakaev

Definition of dysfunction of goods in the management from structure nomenclature release

of the engineering company

O.S. Sukharev, K.R. Melkovskaya

Influence of features of agricultural production process formation of accounting policy

as an instrument of financial performance

N.V. Kulish

Economic cycles and the diagnostics of crisis developments in organizations

M.M. Esakov

Contemporary service quality models: classification and analysis

N.Sh. Vatolkina

Operational risks of the enterprise: the concept, sources, the human factor

I.V. Bykova

Choice of the way and the forms of investment of the enterprises of textile both sewing manufacture and their effective application

N.N. Zharkova

Innovative approaches to providing methodological motivation for the implementation of enterprise quality management system

A.N. Goloshchapov 

Fostering innovation development company

S.I. Resnick

The modern methods of analyze for indicators of competition and competition’s ability (production and enterprise) 

L.V. Gluhih

Creation of production due to the concentration of financial resources

K.G. Zhukov

Information as basis of analytical ensuring innovative activity of the enterprises of a grape

and wine-making subcomplex

A.V. Antsibor

The improvement of the effectiveness of the use of credit instruments in the financial management

of Russian large retailers

A.Y. Vetrova

Innovative projects – basis of growth of competitiveness of company

D.A. Ponomarev, M.N. Guseva

Key elements of technology innovation system development professional management training


I.V. Schneider

The formation of control mechanism and realization of development in the Russian Federation

Y.S. Testina, N.N. Borzenets

Higher education in Russia: peculiarities and problems of economic development

K.V. Kovtsev

Definition of basic concepts of economics from the standpoint of natural essence and the true

purpose of human labor

Shuhrat R. Saifullaev

Experience of modeling of development timber industry enterprises in region

P.A. Biryukov, M.V. Kuzmina

Internal capital markets of integrated structures: the theoretical aspect

E.A. Khantueva

Analysis of the role of organizational innovations in the national innovation systems

A.A. Junitsky

Agricultural cooperation as a way to improve production efficiency (peasant) farms

A.V. Murtaeva 

Comparative analysis of the traditional and agile project management methodologies

A.A. Rudakov

Organizational-economic mechanism application system for controlling engineering plants

G.I. Moskvitin

The methodology of  economic monitoring due to industrial organizations

L.E. Sovik

The customs innovation activity management methods

A.V. Miretin

The communication’s pole of enterprise: the foundation and management

E.F. Khandamova

Industrial enterprises restructuring: the nature and types

A.I. Kolganov, M.V. Moskalev

Production effectiveness in administrative aspect of industrial engineering

N.N. Proskuryakova

Scientific aspects of a diversification as effective instrument of enterprises development

I.P. Bogomolova, E.Y. Kolesova

Conditions of development of the local markets of production of plant growing

.В. O.I. Shatalova, I.V. Pogorelova

Once again the definition of labor

Rano R. Saifullaeva, Timur Sh. Saifullaev, Shuhrat R. Saifullaev

The theoretical basis of personnel management in organization

A.P. Egorshin, V.V. Gruzdeva, A.N. Golubcov

Integrated model of efficiency operation of business

J.M. Sklyarovа, I.Y. Sklyarov

Improvement of the organizational management systems in the «era of bifurcation»

E.P. Shostak 

Personal sales and stimulation of sale in the field of export of Russian  hi-tech production:

problems of use of innovations

K.E. Kottsev

Study the effectiveness of the implementation of activities the formation and development

integrated marketing of new communications

V.S. Novikov, J.I. Novikova

Management of innovative projects in the conditions of instability

D.A. Ponomarev

Formation and use of competition potential organization

R.G. Fazliahmetov

Hidden from the logic value in the economy

Rano R. Saifullaeva, Timur Sh. Saifullaev, Shuhrat R. Saifullaev

Insurance company and regional education center interaction organizing mechanism

S.A. Sharapova

Implementation of the corporate social responsibility principles in the food industry

A.N. Yaskin, N.A. Novokreshchenova


Infrastructural transformation as a form of support for the development of small businesses

in the Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous region – Ugra

I.V. Takmasheva

Enterprise resource of development of economy and society

V.P. Smirnov

Development trends of small agribusiness in the World Trade Organization

L.R. Davletbaeva

Results of intellectual activity: non-material actives, property rights, free licenses, public property 

A.V. Panov

Development problems of small business in Russia

T.S. Tanicheva

Monitoring in a system of organizational management

L.E. Sovik

The realisation of competitive choice model by investment project executor

O.L. Trukhinova

Methods of the game theory in research of the risks associated with leasing activities

I.V. Sidorenkova

Evaluating the effectiveness of organizational change in design organizations

D.L. Medvedev

The effective organization of the entrepreneurship electronic services delivery processes monitoring

R.Y. Vakulenko, I.P. Pavlov, N.T. Savrukov

Problems of traditional project management and key indexes for evaluation and control of the general benefits of innovation projects

A.A. Rudakov, M.N. Guseva

Diversification of investment strategies as a driver for increasing competitiveness of retailers

Y.N. Aleksandrin, T.Y. Nabiulina

Condition and prospects of development of small business subjects in Russia

Y.A. Kropin, O.A. Panchenko

Conceptual bases of the provision quality services in auditor organizations

K.V. Rudenko

The communication element of marketing’s corporate model as the factor of corporate competition’s ability

E.F. Khandamova

Intelligent technology decision-making tasks of human resource management as a category

of investment costs

K.A. Gureev, E.G. Gureeva, O.S. Golubeva

Prospects of small business development of the services sector in the globalization conditions

I.N. Zhilinkova

Foreign experience of a strategy to increase the international competitiveness of the company

O.A. Kubasova

The role of corporate ownership in foreign county economies 

M.S. Shtanko

The risk of owner income loss as the independent factor of uncertainty at the business evaluation

G.S. Kozlova

Operating cash flow management in the company

R.A. Burganova, K.R. Garaeva

Implementation model assessment of the implications in practice management marketing

.M. of organizations

K.A. Kornienko, A. й деятельности организаций.I.A. Samsonova, T.M. Boicova

Substantiation of conceptual model of management of the small business innovative development

O.V. Grigor'eva

The organization-economic instruments of increasing for banking competition in Russia

D.N. Chaplev, A.E. Shtezel

The process of harmonization of production sphere and its kea determinants

N.N. Proskuryakova

Identification and development strategies of management analysis on service industries

L.A. Nasakina

Prediction of return on equity in the company of small trucks

G.A. Yungus

Methodological approach to forming entrepreneurial capabilities and motivational mechanism


T.N. Hachikian

By the beginning of the new - the fundamental theory of value

Shuhrat R. Saifullaev

Features of economic development in the area environmental management

V.I. Berezghnoi, I.V. Oder

Competency model of management entities

I.M. Yartceva, A.N. Polozova, E.V. Gorkovenko

Depolarization of the regional economic space based on the development of a center-periphery network projects

M.J. Kazakov, I.I. Glotova