Journal of Economy and entrepreneurship  

JEE Vol. 6 Nom. 5


Vol. 6 Nom. 5

(September-October  2012)

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Joining to the WTO: unique and important possibility for economic development

David G.Tarr

«Mainstream» and evolutionary economics: contradiction of innovation?

O.S. Sukharev

Reforming of thefinancial sphere as an instrument of ensuring of macroeconomic stability

G.A. Shcherbakov

Anti-recessionary regulation of housing sector: principles, methods, institutes

O.Yu. Ulyanova

The econometric analysis of productions processes under the conditions of monopoly and


Adalat Bayramali oglu Aliyev

The effect of the financial globalization on the transformation of the global financial architecture

N.E. Andronova

Possibilities of use of market tools for maintenance of reproduction of the ecological blessings

I.P. Dereviago

On the question of the state regulation of agricultural support industries

M.H. Balkizov, I.H. Kochesokova, T.H. Khabalov

Population growth and economic development in macro regions: a statistical evaluation,

interconnection, interdependence

A.N. Gerasimov, E.I. Gromov

The problems of Azerbaijan financial policy in modern stage of development

T.T. Aliyeva

Theoretical and methodological aspects of intergovernmental budget relations essence: discussion issues

I.M. Solomko, M.N. Solomko

System-level factors and their impact on economic growth and development of the region

A.S. Russov, B.M. Zhukov

Alternative energy and energy security issue

A.V. Burian

Systematic approach to the study of state and prospects of socio-ecological-economic systems

oriented agricultural regions

E.I. Gromov, N.V. Eremenko, A.V. Murdugov

Evaluation and analysis of riskiness of industrial  complex region:

macrolevel (for example, Sverdlovsk region)

E.A. Kuzmin


Factors of development of integration in dairy and meat subcomplexes of the region

T.V. Eliseeva, N.V. Grigor'ev, L.A. Ovsyanko, I.O. Utesheva

Government macroeconomic policy in the market intermediary services

M.L. Sher

Some food safety issues

R.T. Zhirugov

Problems of efficiency of creating of prognostic models. From barometers of economic development to modern econometric constructions

G.A. Shcherbakov

Areas of spatial smoothing of the polarization of regional development entities of the North Caucasus federal district

S.A. Levchenko, O.I. Shatalova

Status and prospects of trade and economic relations between Sweden and Russia due to Russia's WTO accession

V.I. Beloglazova

World market of a natural stone: place of Russia

R.R. Zinnurov

Economic safety of municipality as an element of economic safety of the state

M.S. Bugaeva

Macrobalance in national economy

K.G. Zhukov

The statistical analysis of the dwelling real estate market state and the living conditions

of the population in Moscow districts

T.A. Goguadze

The customs partnership as a facilitation mechanism of the customs bodies innovation activity

A.V. Miretin

New tendencies of development of a securities market

K.E. Muraviev

Economic foundations of the improvement of social protection and support of youth

O.A. Kuynetsova

Illogicality of classics of economic philosophy

Shuhrat R. Saifullaev

The mechanism of realization of public control over the state socio-economic activities

L.P. Pulkina


Formation of an adaptive strategy based on a scenario calculation for the simulation model

N.E. Egorova, V.V. Shilov

Methodological errors in calculation of risk size as the reason of poor control of investments

G.M. Semjashkin

Mathematical description of cyclic the evolution of fluctuations economic system

O.S. Sukharev

Improvement of the mechanism of innovation development of Russian companies

S.I. Resnick

Factors and sources of emergence innovative enterprise management system

D.N. Timofeev

Ways increase in availability of housing in the Amursk region

A.A. Guschina

Features of management of corporate financial relations on the example of the holding company

A.V. Ryapuhin


Improving ways to leverage resources of agricultural organizations

I.I. Glotova, E.P. Tomilina, O.N. Uglitskikh

Financial and economic analysis of tourism enterprises

J.A. Lebedeva

The organization-economic support of design and realization of competition strategy in industry

L.V. Gluhih

The model of financial asset management of the companies with the foreign participation

O.A. Pavlova

Using the tools of PR and propaganda in the Russian high-tech products export

K.E. Kotzev

The scheme of innovation in the management of household services organization

E.Y. Zayats

The customs innovation transfer as a perspective kind of the customs bodies innovation activity

A.V. Miretin

Formation of future plan issue of furniture

N.E. Tsukanova

To the question of the need to use financial evaluation criteria in the method for conducting

environmental audits

Y.E. Bobarykina

General description of the algorithm internal audit organization's quality management system

A.N. Goloshchapov, I.V. Rizhov

Formation of information streams as element of strategic development of the enterprise

T.V. Klimenko

Introduction features of the administrative management of Russian companies practice

A.A. Ananiev

Principles and terms of the formation of the administrative account about the transfer financial


A.V. Korotkova

On the methodology of quality management in a modern municipal management

V.V. Servatinskiy

Scientific and practical bases for the solution of problems determining the permissible corridor

acquisition cost at auction of lease rights to land plots for construction

I.N. Segaev

Monitoring techniques as a basis for the modernization of planning tools in the manufacture

of machinery

T.F. Sharipov

On the fundamental concepts in economics and philosophy

Shuhrat R. Saifullaev

The use of functional-cost analysis in project management

I.V. Kulikov

The rights and obligations of the parties under the contract of the bank deposit in Russian Federation

M.M. Moldovanov

Mathematical modeling and the analysis of processes of technological innovations introduction

in the context of economic safety

T.I. Mazaeva, A.F. Rogachev

The review of international and Russian publications in the field of commercial banks’ valuation

A.A. Patrakeev

Formation of irrational consumer preferences in the course of marketing communications:

theoretical aspect

A.A. Isaev, T.M. Boytsova

Increase of business efficiency in trade with the use of automated monitoring of goods in stock

I.Y. Sklyarov, V.S. Yakovenko, N.I. Tarasova

New forms of organizing production in a globalizing world

A.G. Kolmykov, E.F. Cheberko

Internal development projects in the organizational context

D.V. Pertsev, E.U. Pertseva

The application of financial condition indicators to the trend analysis of industrial and business

organization development

M.S. Popov

Timely identification of problems as the basis for effective management in business

D.S. Kenina

Opportunistic behavior in the research system of the new institutional economic theory

E.G. Martyukova

Basic approaches to management of organizational changes

V.V. Varfalovskaya

Innovative approaches to promotion of Russian high-tech products

K.E. Kotzev, I.V. Ryzhov

Development of an organizational management system in the "Information Age" by the example of development organization

E.P. Shostak

Statistical methods in the study of the effectiveness of state support for agriculture entrepreneurship of the Stavropol region

T.T. Tsymbalenko, O.S. Tsymbalenko, O.M. lisova

Definition of organizational model of knowledge management in design organization

D.L. Medvedev

Recurrent model of innovative designing in housing construction

S.S. Abashev, I.B. Efimenko

The role of loan product as a tool of stimulating demand for consumer services

A.S. Vaganov, E.S. Erofeev

The model balanced score card as a tool for the formation of quality objectives

A.N. Goloshchapov

The analysis of intercommunication between business social responsibility and investment

attractiveness of the company under the conditions of globalization

M.V. Bikeeva

Statistical assessment of economic, demographic and social processes in regions of the North

Caucasian federal district

E.I. Gromov, A.N. Gerasimov

Small-medium enterprises support as an important factor of the economy development:

basics, international experience, national practice and perspective

A.P. Kuprikov

Business model enhancement as a tool for value based management

T.T. Vashakmadze

New trends in the trading system

K.E. Muraviev

Features of the organizational process management consulting:

Russian and international experience

E.L. Smoljanova, N.A. Serebryakova

Standardization of the integrated accounting system of the holding company

A.V. Korotkova

Hierarchical model of grounds for strategy, policy and successful selection  in the process viable order placement mode

S.V. Zheleznov, O.L. Trukhinova

Models of cooperation between technical services providers and their industrial customers

A.S. Samsonova

Business tourism as the instrument of overcoming of a problem single-industry towns

(on an example of Svetogorsk)

А.А. Drozdeckaia

Development of utilities infrastructure sector’s state regulation system in Russian Federation

A.V. Kuriachiy

Adoption of internal controls system structure to conditions of small business

V.V. Belaya

Social investment as a form of presentation of social responsibility of business

V.G. Shapovalenko

The national introduction aspects the conception of «Lean Production» in different countries

K.O. Safronova

Controlling as the organization system of the analytical work on the enterprises based

on the experience of complex system of quality management

L.I. Yevdokimova, A.A. Pahomov