Journal of Economy and entrepreneurship  

Vol. 5 Nom. 5


Vol. 5 Nom. 5

(September-October  2011)

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            Architecture and dynamics of Russian-German economic relations. A.P. Pakhomov, Viola von Cramon-Taubadel, M.V. Balasanyan

Abstract. In the article there are shown the dynamics of Russian-German economic relations during the period from 1970 until 2011. Considered the interaction structure of both economics. Statistical data of macroeconomic and foreign trade indicators are given. 


Keywords: Russia, Germany, GDP, foreign trade turnover, import, export, investments.


Investment aspects of economic and political risks. I.V. Kokushkina

Abstract. In article modern theory-methodological problems of revealing of investment aspects of economic and political risks are opened. Thus the author offers the approach to classification of political risks on the basis of criteria of allocation of political events. As a result of research the author ascertains rather close interrelation of an investment climate and various kinds of risk and allocates investment risk as resulting existing system of risks. In this connection, taking into account the international factor for an estimation of the international investment climate, the author offers concept the international risk. 


Keywords: risk, investments,  investment climate, investment risk, political risk, economical risks.


Technique of classification of human capital in terms of quality. A.A. Gavrilov

Abstract. The aim of this work - an attempt to define a key landmark of the new humanistic economics maximization of reproduction of human capital, which refers to increase its quality. This paper presents the author's methodology and results classification of the population of Russia by level of quality based on RLMS data for the 1995-2010 period. Divided into 3 categories of population quality: high, standard and low. A detailed description of the algorithm of classification and treatment of missing values​​, as well as a general empirical analysis of the quality of the Russian population. 


Keywords: human capital, population, quality, RLMS, new economics.


Features of formation of market model of construction management in modern conditions. N.G. Babayev

Abstract. In this article are stated the questions connected with features of formation of market model of construction management in modern conditions. Questions connected with the building market, marketing activity of the building organization, optimization of structures of the building organizations, activation of activity and increase of possibilities of the building organization in the market conditions, and also the basic social and economic indexes on building branch of the Azerbaijan Republic during 2005-2010, the strategic targets connected with current activity of the building company, questions connected with material support management are considered also, recommendations about formation of a rational control system by building are considered. 


Keywords: construction, building complex, management functions, investment, market behavior, building product.


Substantiation of necessity and role of the government regulation for the development of grain production. D.A. Zuykin

Abstract. The article analyzes the measures of the state regulation of grain production and also offers directions for its improvement. Particular attention is paid to evaluating the efficiency and the organization of the mechanism of purchase interventions conducted in the grain market in years of high yields. During the study the problem of providing guaranteed minimum price for producers of grain. The author offers the method of calculating of its optimal value. An assessment of the current condition of country's export potential and its efficiency and the associated costs. In result a new concept of the grain trade with foreign countries was proposed by the author. Analyzed by techniques of determining the optimal size of reserve funds to ensuring food security the various authors, conducted its rationale. 


Keywords: grain production, government regulation, grain intervention, the minimum guaranteed price for grain, grain reserve funds.


Problems of improving the mechanism of mortgage lending at Russian commercial banks. D.V. Petrov

Abstract. In article the condition of modern mortgage lending is analyzed. Concrete examples of calculation of credit rates understand. The analogy with contract-savings system of  credits is spent. 


Keywords: mortgage, credit, credit rate.


Methodical recommendations on the formation of the organizational structure of population social protection. T.R. Lukashenok

Abstract. The article presents methodical recommendations on the formation of the organizational structure of social protection. Identified indicators of the organization of social protection of population, developed the mathematical basis for the effectiveness of social protection of population. The proposed methodical recommendations can be used in the development and implementation of public policies on social welfare. 


Keywords: social protection, federal district, organizational structure, indicators, graph.


Bioenergy potential of Altay territory. A.N. Emelyanov

Abstract. In article the problem of an estimation biopower potential region is considered. Definition of the term "potential" is made, and also its components on which basis the mathematical kind of calculation of potential is resulted are considered. Having analysed, problems of an estimation of resource potential and as results of researches on this point in question, the method of an estimation of resource potential of region, from the point of view of placing possibility in it of an industrial complex on biofuel manufacture is offered. In a final part of article, being based on an offered technique, the bioenergy potential estimation  of Altay territory is spent. 


Keywords: potential, resource, bio-energetics, complex estimation.


Intellectual capacity of region social and economic system: essence, methodological approaches to assessment. E.A. Anisimova

Abstract. The paper shows that in modern conditions the operation of social and economic system of the region is based not only on existing material resources, but also depends on the generated human development, based on experience, knowledge and skills of each individual. It was concluded that measuring the impact of intellectual capacity to the level of development of the region, based on a variety of instructional approaches is essential to the formation of a development strategy. 


Keywords: intellectual capacity, region, methodological approaches to assessment.


 Equivalence of the exchange as a factor in the expanded reproduction in the agricultural sector. O.N. Pronskaya

Abstract. In the article theoretical bases of equivalence of exchange are examined as a factor of the extended reproduction in an agroindustrial complex, his feature in an agroindustrial complex. The estimation of price discrimination of agriculture is in-process conducted in relation to other industries of agroindustrial complex, degrees of withdrawal of facilities from the sphere of agriculture in the spheres of industry. Can be drawn on the results of analysis for the calculation of costs of realization of agricultural produce, providing the equivalence of exchange. 


Keywords: reproduction, economic relations, agriculture, equivalence of the exchange.


Possible scenarios for the development of tourism in the central districts of Krasnoyarsk territory. M.S. Zlotnikov

Abstract. This paper aims to calculate the possible scenarios for the development of tourism in the central regions of the Krasnoyarsk territory, based on analysis  of information about the current state of development of tourism and tourism infrastructure in the area. Taking into account the pros and cons of recreational resources in the territory active and inertial scenario, as well as  their expected impact risks and limitations are considered. Assesses the economic impact of the most developed tourism. As well as a list of actions needed in case of increasing the number of tourists to the area provided.

Keywords: development scenarios, tourist zone, seasonality, tourist complex, commercialization.


Property valuation for privatization in Republic of Moldova. S.E. Albu

Abstract. This article discusses the features of the privatization of certain categories of objects of public property in the Republic of Moldova. Are examined the legal but problematic schemes of privatization, the role and valuation issues in the formation of prices of the privatized facilities.Прослушать 

Keywords: privatization, appraisal, market value, non-market value, public property, private property, Republic of Moldova.


Methods of a substantiation of the balanced credit-investment strategy of development of bank. N.E. Yegorova, A.M. Smulov, V.M. Poletayeva

Abstract. In article conceptual and pragmatically approaches to questions of formation of credit-investment strategy of bank are considered. Within the limits of the conceptual approach the review of models on an investigated problematic is made and the optimizing model of distribution of credit-investment resources of the bank, providing the balanced strategy of its development taking into account a set of the set criteria is formulated. Within the limits of the pragmatically approach possible reasons for rejection of actual distribution of credit-investment resources from the balanced strategy come to light, and influence of the arisen indignations on the decision of the offered optimizing problem is analyzed. 


Keywords: credit-investment resources of bank, development strategy, optimum model, equation, criteria of bank activity, the financial and industrial policy.


The methodical approach to formation of integration commands on the basis of system focusing for the accelerated development of grocery innovations of the high technology enterprises. J.P. Anisimov, S.G. Valjuhov, S.A. Povekvechnykh

Abstract. In article the methodical approach to formation of integration commands on the basis of system focusing for the accelerated development of grocery innovations of the high technology enterprises.  Methodical approach allows to reduce terms is offered and to reduce expenses for development of a new product. A comparison of approaches to the formation of temporary creative teams and integration teams. 


Keywords: system focusing, integration command, organization structure, grocery innovations, high technology enterprise.


Develop a mechanism to improve the quality of social services based on the quality management system philosophy. O.Y. Gorbova, O.I. Dudukina

Abstract. In the article one of the mechanisms of the quality improvement of the municipal social services rendering - quality management system is considered. The scheme of the rendering processes of such social service as the medical emergency service is offered. The list of indicators of affectivity of the service rendering processes  and the matrix of the responsibility for processes are presented.Прослушать 

Keywords: social services, municipal services, quality management system, first help.


The mechanism of the economic entity industrial policy formation (evidence from the manufacturing engineering of the Kemerovo region). V.V. Sliznikov

Abstract. The article introduces the findings arising from the study devoted to the formation and implementation of industrial policy on various levels of economic management. The mechanism of the economic entity industrial policy formation is put forward which includes a formation procedure and its efficiency evaluation indicators, organization support. Applications of the mechanism of the economic entity industrial policy formation on the basis of the entity assessing the sustainability of its development on the example of engineering the Kemerovo region are considered. 


Keywords: industrial policy, sustainable development, functional simulation, sustainable development indicators.


The models of financial planning. S.N. Zolotaryov

Abstract. In the  article  there are such models of financial planning as development of financial section of the business-plan, preparation of prognostic financial documents and budgeting and you can also find here the classification of budgets by their types. Recommendations on development of new model of financial planning of economic growth of the managing subject are offered.


Keywords: models, planning, financial planning.


Corporate reputation as a factor for sustainable development of industrial enterprises. S.V. Gorin

Abstract. In article the marketing approach to business reputation of the organisations is investigated. Features of formation Russian businessmen reputation of the are defined. It is shown that the positive business reputation is secondary requirement of the organisation. 

Keywords: image, reputation, business reputation of the organisation, company reputation, corporate reputation, reputation management.





Activity-based Performance Analysis (ABPA): Company Strategy Building

 and Implementation,

 Restrictions of ABPA. 

A.S. Zharova

Abstract. In this article activity-based performance analysis (ABPA) is represented as a method of strategy building and strategy implementation in terms of company internal structure and its sales area mutual influence. Essential factors restricting ABPA applying to companies are described. Important market and product characters are also represented.

Keywords: strategy, business-process, clients, activity-based performance analysis.


Algorithm of formation and realization of strategy of innovative development of the enterprise. E.L. Smoljanova, Y.I. Matuzov

Abstract. In article objective necessity of working out of strategy of innovative development of the enterprise in the conditions of modernization of the Russian economy is defined. Procedure of actions on strategic innovative development of the enterprise in the form of algorithm is offered. The maintenance of each block of algorithm is opened. 

Keywords: innovative development, enterprise strategy, algorithm of strategy formation.


The relationship of wages in rural areas: challenges and implications. O.S. Fomin

Abstract. The results of the study the level of pay and incentives in agriculture today. It is concluded that under the circumstances, salary not fulfilling its basic functions: the reproduction of labor and stimulation of high labor. The causes and consequences of underestimating the agricultural labor, to analyze the socio-labor relations in Kursk region agriculture. 


Keywords: Kursk region, socio-labor relations, agricultural labor, wage, labor potential degradation.


Assessment of demand depending on the product properties by using neural networks. N.V. Pavlov

Abstract. The role of demand forecast in product innovations is shown, demand parameters and their causal variables are described. It is shown how to obtain prognosis with neural network, specifics of the process are revealed.Прослушать 

Keywords: neural network, demand, forecast.


Assessment of the economic potential of the architectural cultural heritage. E.A. Grintsevich

Abstract. The paper first presented the concept of the economic potential of the architectural cultural heritage sites, revealed its essence, the technique of its evaluation. Assessment carried out by means of a formula based on the improved using correction factors, the coefficient of location, safety, and historical and cultural significance of the method of comparative analysis of sales. The proposed method can be used to implement effective policies for the conservation of monuments of architecture and the implementation of city programs city authorities with the participation of investment and construction firms.


Keywords: economic potential, architectural object of cultural heritage, method of comparative analysis of sales.


Вank guarantee as an innovative product at the financial services market. D.A. Palin

Abstract. The article is devoted to bank guarantee as an innovative product at the financial services market. Various approaches to the definition of the idea of the bank guarantee are disclosed. The mechanism of interaction of the sides and the classification of the kinds of bank guarantee is represented. The article summarizes the treatment of a bank guarantee in the market today.

 Keywords: bank guarantee, independent guarantee, financial product, financial institutions.


The method of estimating the productive capacity of milk processing enterprises. I.V. Ivanova

Abstract. The article proposes to consider the method of estimating the productive capacity of milk processing enterprises of the Penza region using the resource approach. The evaluation of the productive capacity is given. The constraints and the allowances of usage of the proposed model are being identified.

Keywords: production capacity, resource-based approach, dairy production facility, method of comparison, the performance evaluation system.


Application of a method of the analysis of expenses and results for planning of modernization of the enterprises of electric power industry.  S.A. Kurdyukov

Abstract. Possibility is proved and the example of application of a method of the analysis of expenses and results for a choice of a variant of modernization of the enterprises of electric power industry taking into account expenses for replacement of machine tools and the equipment is resulted. The obtained values ​​of the efficiency of evaluating options allow you to select the preferred option in terms of expenses allocation. This proves the possibility and feasibility of the method of the analysis of expenses and results to allocate funds for the modernization of the electric power industries.

Keywords: method of the analysis of expenses and results, modernization, expenses, economic efficiency indicators.


Recreation policies of the industrial megacity as a way of preventing morbidity. D.A. Kolesnikov

Abstract. In work the problem of economic losses of a society from disease with time disability of the population of the industrial megacity, the environment caused by adverse conditions is considered. The size of the given losses on principal views of diseases is calculated and the mechanism of decrease in the given losses, realized in the form of large-scale and long-term strategy of preventive activity is offered. The given strategy is expressed in the form of recreational activity of the population in specially created tourist-recreational parks (TRP), adjoining a megacity. 

Keywords: economic damage, recreational resources, tourist-recreational park, quality of population life.


Features of regional placing of agrarian manufacture of the USA: useful experience for Russia. M.L. Yashina

Abstract. In article the developed regional placing of agrarian manufactures to the USA and the factors making on its impact is considered. Considering foreign experience, for formation of specialized zones on manufacture of milk and beef at the expense of improvement of territorially-branch division of labor in country cattle breeding, the author offers classification of regions of Russia by presence of bioclimatic potential. 


Keywords: regional placing, specialization,  experience of the USA, territorially-branch division of labor, cattle breeding.


The estimate of a regions potential with a view to credit institution expanding. A.A. Moskvichev, L.N. Nazarova

Abstract. In this article we are considering basic elements of the methodology for analyzing the potential opportunities for regional expansion of the credit institution developed by the authors in thee directions: attractiveness rating of the region's development indicators, economic analysis of the regional office's activities, marketing analysis of implementation of banking services in regional offices. The order of potential estimate of region development indicators is described in details. The results of the practical application of the first direction presented in the SWOT-analysis table. 


Keywords: credit institution, branch, office, regional expansion, regional network, regional banking system, SWOT-analysis.


Competitive positioning offer territorial tourist product of Primorski Territory in Northeast Asia. N.S. Martyshenko

Abstract. In article the choice of directions of tourism in Primorski Territory which would be competitive in the international tourist market of Northeast Asia is proved. Conclusions are under construction on the basis of the analysis of questionnaires of consumers of the tourist product offered in territory of edge. 

Keywords: positioning of tourist product, Northeast Asia country, international tourism, tourist flows.



Calculation of the coefficients of profitability and standards of business income.

A.M. Magomedov


Abstract. The Russian theory and practice there is no uniform methodology for calculating cost-effectiveness. There is a blind imitation of Western terms or maintaining pre-market approaches. The paper proposed and justified method of calculation of profitability, leveraging the existing financial reporting. It also offered a method of calculating the rate entrepreneurship. 

Keywords: profit, profit level, profitability, rate of business income.


Outsourcing of public service of the innovative enterprises. E.V. Vikulina

Abstract. In article formation of methods of strategic planning of activity of the operating companies is presented. The algorithm of model of management is developed for an estimation of financial and economic activity of the enterprises by the public service, including some blocks. Results can be used for modernisation of management of public service of the enterprises, as factor of innovative activity. 

Keywords: public service, outsourcing, strategic planning.


Analysis of business partners activity in the implementation of entrepreneurs antidelikt policies. G.P. Starinov

Abstract. The concept delikt climate of the subject of business and its component – deliktive background of the internal and environment is considered. A classification of factors deliktive background internal and external business environment. Ways of minimization of degree delikt risks are considered at the conclusion of economic contracts with counterparts. 

Keywords: deliktive background, delikt risks, delikt climate.


Identification of potential areas for tourism development in the central of Krasnoyarsk territory. M.S. Zlotnikov

Abstract. This article aims to describe the current state of the tourism industry of the central districts of the Krasnoyarsk territory, to identify investment-attractive directions of its development, as well as, identify and analyze problems hindering development of entrepreneurship in the area. Given the current trends of tourism development, the regions with an industrial profile, face many difficulties due to the diversification of the tourist potential areas. In this regard, based on possible scenarios and put the cluster approach, with will divide theregion into its constituent parts with the priorities of tourism development. 

Keywords: tourist resources, infrastructure, tourism product, region.


Modern models of optimization of commodity assortment of trade organization. A.A. Prokopchuk

Abstract. In the article basic modern tendencies are illuminated to the forming of commodity assortment of trade organization. The analysis of the modern models of optimal structure of commodity assortment is conducted. Shows the impact of strategy on the retailer's assortment, pricing, promotional activity and organization of space.

Keywords: assortment, optimal structure, optimization, trade organization.


Methods of selecting a potential supplier of IT outsourcing services. A.V. Polupenko

Abstract. In article the technique of a choice of the potential supplier within the limits of the project in the IT Outsourcing market is stated. The described scheme covers all cycle of the project outsourcing and covers macro- and microlevels criteria of selection. The unified techniques of an estimation both potential, and the operating service provider are presented. 

Keywords: IT outsourcing, organizational-economic mechanism, criteria for a potential supplier.


The essence and content of the industrial companies reputation. S.V. Gorin

Abstract. In article the business reputation is considered from the historical, social and economic point of view. Reputation and image communication is shown. The essence and the maintenance of business reputation of the organisation are specified. The reasons of accruing attention to business reputation of the modern industrial companies are established.

Keywords: reputation, business reputation of the organisation, company reputation, corporate reputation, reputation management, industrial companies.


Competitiveness of milk and dairy products in the northern territories. D.V. Pozdeev

Abstract. The article discusses the competitiveness of producers of milk in the far north (in the Komi Republic). The main problems and the factors reducing the production of milk and dairy products. The recommendations to improve the competitiveness of the regional dairy market of the Komi Republic. 

Keywords: competitiveness of goods, dairy products, production efficiency, agricultural producers.


Prospects of development of the social responsibility through the use of  benchmarking technology. M.F. Ustavitskaya

Abstract. Describes a new plane of benchmarking on the basis of justification of the importance of maintaining the social responsibility of business. Reveals the essence of the measuring technology of social-ethical marketing within the framework of the benchmarking. It is concluded that the development of the market actually reinforces the social responsibility of business as necessary strategic principle. 

Keywords: benchmarking, competition, social responsibility, social-ethical marketing, corporate social responsibility.


Evaluation model of the organizational culture effectiveness. O.Y. Isopeskul, A.M. Boyarkina

Abstract. This paper presents the evaluation method, which allows analyzing both static and dynamic parts of the effectiveness of the enterprise organizational culture. Static assessment is provided by analysis of the personal and organizational effectiveness. Meanwhile dynamic assessment is based on "Mood Scale" by calculating three indicators - "Expectations Index", "Index of Motivation" and "Index of Cohesion". 

Keywords: organizational culture, organizational culture effectiveness, dynamic assessment, static assessment.


The organizational and economic support for the competitor’s monitoring in the company marketing. E.A. Grigorieva, M.I. Maximova

Abstract. The article is devoted to increasing of theory of competitor’s monitoring. The authors presented original approach, which is differentiated monitoring’s lines depends on function’s sector of monitoring. A description of the business process "Competitor’s monitoring". 


Keywords: competitor’s monitoring, competition, business-process, methods of monitoring.


Statistical approach to identification and accounting of factors affecting the housing cost in mixed-use residential estates. S.V. Marchenkova

Abstract. In article the relevance of building of mixed-use residential estates is covered. The main factors affecting the cost of housing in mixed-use residential estate are determined. An approach to the integration of the most valuable factors is offered. This method is based on correlation analysis and regression analysis. A regression model for price forecast in the mixed-use residential estate market in Moscow is developed.


Keywords: mixed-use residential estate, housing market, correlation analysis, regression analysis, model building.


Managers’ conditions for achieving success through managerial communication. C.M. Nesterenco

Abstract. The article shows the results of analysis and research in the field of managerial communication. Recommendations made on the basis of studies conducted in many agricultural enterprises and colleges in Moldova, increase the probability chance of success. The issue of persuasive impact of the managerial communication is highly relevant today. Without solving the problems of persuasive communication is difficult to achieve the democratization of society. This is required by the regenerative processes taking place in the nowadays Moldova. Прослушать 

Keywords: manager, management communication, feedback information, motivation, understanding, communication psychology, scale of relations, thought patterns.


Analysis of the impact of industrial aerosols on enterprises workers health. T.V. Ivanova

Abstract. In article influence of industrial aerosols on health of workers is considered, that till now is an actual and serious problem of texnocratic time. Outlines the impact that concentrations of toxic substances on the workers health. Revealed the possibility of improving the system of workers protection from the adverse effects of harmful factors. Прослушать 

Keywords: industrial enterprises, occupational safety, industrial aerosols, workers health.


Analysis of the influence of motivational mechanisms in the creation and development of business structures. T.N. Hachikian

Abstract. This article analyzes the influence of motivational mechanisms in the creation and development of entrepreneurship. As a result of the survey conducted by the author, identified the most preferred sectors (industry) to start business activity in the Rostov region, identified the necessary conditions for starting a business, consider the factors of motivation to start and grow your business in protobusinessmen and existing entrepreneurs, as well as factors constraining its development.Прослушать 

Keywords: motivation mechanisms, motivation for the business undertakings, potential businessmen, protobusinessmen, business creation, business development.


Development of educational services as a system. M.V. Fedorova

Abstract. The article is an analysis of the development of educational services as complex open system elements (objects),  and inter element communications: the case of Russia and CIS. The composition of institutional reforms in the sphere of educational services. The conclusion is made that the quality of educational services is defined by competition universities  and regulation  of their overall structure. Прослушать 

Keywords: educational system, educational complex, institutional transformation, paid training, market of educational services, labour market.