Journal of Economy and entrepreneurship  

Vol. 5 Nom. 4


Vol. 5 Nom. 4

(July-August  2011)

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        Theoretical description of evolution public sector economy: the law of A. Wagner. O.S. Sukharev, V.V. Nehoroshev

Abstract. This paper considers the problem of the evolution of the public sector, the adequacy of the law of Wagner, its enforceability. Shows the two positions are seen in economic studies: 1) the law of Wagner is not supported 2) Wagner's law is confirmed. The authors examine the features of structural change in Russia and form the conceptual content of structural policy for the future. 


Keywords: public sector, law of Wagner, structural policies, economic growth.



         Possibilities of diversification of monocities economy in Karelia. А.Е. Kurilo, E.G. Nemkovich

Abstract. There is designed the problem of social and economic progress of monoprofile territories in the article. There is presented a brief analysis of social and economic position monocities of Karelian Republic. There are outlined examples of development complex investment plans and there are resulted fundamental requirements to them. So, in the article there are offered possibilities and scripts of output from developed situation basis on program-target method of management by territorial progress. 


Keywords: monocities, monoterritories, regional economy, territorial development.

         Direction of development of economic relations between Russia and Europe. K.S. Huako, D.V. Petrov

Abstract. The article examines the economic relationship between Russia and Europe in the period to overcome the effects of the global financial crisis. The features of European investors in the Russian market. The possible directions of development of economic relations between Russia and Europe.


Keywords: EC, foreign investment, economy of Europe, market economy.

        Safety of budgetary and tax spheres of region is an element of financial safety (on example of Kemerovo region). O.B. Sheveleva, E.V. Slesarenko

Abstract. In the article is formulated the concept tax and budgetary safety of region, analyzed of the basic indicators of budgetary sphere of Kemerovo region on 2007-2010 period then revealed basic risks and offered directions on risk level decrease in tax and budgetary spheres. Results of the analysis can be use in process of working out of a budgetary policy of the Kemerovo region on immediate prospects.Прослушать 

Keywords: financial safety of region, budgetary and tax spheres, risks, Kemerovo region.

       The problems of pricing in information economy. E.V. Krasilnikova

Abstract. The theoretical aspects of pricing in information economy under the influence of supply and demand are considered in the article. The market exchange of licensed  (legal) and illegal-copied products is studied. Particular attention is paid to economic mechanism of information products marginal and average costs determination. The author makes a conclusion  about the essential difference between pricing in traditional economy and  information economy. 


Keywords: information product, licensed product, illegal-copied product, pricing, marginal and average costs, information economy.

        Management system quality of working life of employees coal region. O.V. Zonova

Abstract. In article results of research of conceptual, methodological and theoretical bases of quality management of a work life are presented. The factors causing the need to develop management system of quality of working life in the Kuzbass. Identified goal of developing and implementing management systems of quality of working life in general management practices. Defined subject, object and subject management. Describes the main functions of the subject management of quality of working life. 


Keywords: quality of work life, management system, management subject and management object, hired workers, coal region, Kuzbass.

         Retail banking is the catalyst of overcoming from the crisis for the Russian bank system. A.V. Trofimovskay

Abstract. The article presents an analysis of the retail banking business in the pre-crisis period, and consider the effect of the crisis on the industry. Also the article is given the reasons for the lack of retail in Russia. There is the author's understanding of the term "retail". 


Keywords: bank retail, bank system, financial crisis, credits, deposits.

        Benefits and limitations of introducing  the results-based management system into the state and municipal management. E.S. Kuznetsova, S.B. Savelyeva

Abstract. The article deals with the introduction of results-based management system into the state and municipal management. The authors analyze the problem of evaluation of efficiency in the public sector in the context of a dilemma: on the one hand, greater transparency and accountability are required from government agencies; on the other hand, the specificity of such organizations makes it possible to measure the effectiveness only up to the certain limits. 


Keywords: results-based management, efficiency of management, evaluation of efficiency, state and municipal management.



       Evolution of approaches and methods of strategic planning. М.О. Gryaznova

Abstract. Article is devoted to questions of evolution of strategic planning. The author analyzes a problem of development of strategic planning in the Russian and foreign literature. The author does the basic accent on the tools of strategic management applied in modern conditions for optimization of work of the enterprises. 


Keywords: strategic planning, strategic management, SWOT-analysis, PEST-analysis, SPACE-analysis.


        Investigation of the influence of various factors on the ability of expanded reproduction in agriculture. O.N. Pronskaya

Abstract. The article examines the role of the accumulation fund as a source of expanded reproduction in agriculture. In this paper we study the dependence of the results from the production share of the fund consumption and savings in the gross income in the agricultural enterprises. For the formation of the main directions of growth of the accumulation fund, the basic factors that determine it, which can be used to predict the possibilities of expanded reproduction in agriculture. 


Keywords: reproduction, economic relations, agriculture.



        Problems using tax reputation for achieving sustainable development industrial companies. S.V. Gorin

Abstract. Organizational-legal questions of tax reputation are considered. The interrelation of the factors influencing formation of tax reputation is shown. It is shown that the establishment of excessive tax burden will inevitably lead the company to evade paying taxes, which worsens their fiscal credibility and reduces the opportunities for sustainable development. The problem of the double account is accented at the taxation of the enterprises. Concluded that Russia does not provide the actual mechanisms of the positive tax reputation as payment of taxes - the duty of the company.

Keywords: tax reputation, credit status, tax loading, the diligent tax bearer, the double account in the taxation, food industry.


       Construction of a cognitive model of organization environment. N.V. Pavlov

Abstract. An example of revealing basic regularities of organizational environment with the help of cognition model is shown. The process of model construction and its difficulties are shown. Different levels of model analysis are considered.

Keywords: organization, environment, cognition model.


         Ways of increase of efficiency of the integrated high technology enterprises on the basisof technological modernization of the maintenance of work and its quality. A.V. Samoilov, V.A. Lavrentev, M.V. Bogdanenok

Abstract. In article the methodological approach to increase of efficiency of functioning of the integrated high technology enterprises and qualities of hi-tech products let out by them on the basis of multilevel optimization of manufacture in socio-economic system is presented. Approach realization is based on matrix modeling of levels of optimization with use of mathematical toolkit of integer linear programming. 

Keywords: technological modernization, optimization of organizational structure, life cycle of innovative process, matrix model, system of linear programming, socio-economic system, high technology enterprise.


        Modern features of leasing in automobile field. V.A. Popov

Abstract. The article analyzes the features of the Russian leasing market during the global financial crisis. The basic provisions of registration, accounting, insurance, vehicles obtained in the lease. Concluded that the most promising direction of development of leasing companies will provide additional services for  lessees. 


Keywords: operational leasing, finance leasing companies, qualitative development of leasing services,  modern features of leasing in automobile field.


       Business model of costs management as the tool for the development at the flour-grinding enterprise. I.A. Lobanov

Abstract. Business modeling stimulates the enterprise personnel to reduce expenses and it's resources rational use. In modern economy the enterprise couldn’t normally develop without strategic concepts of the system analysis of factors. Developed offers by integration modern costs management on business mode. The given model enhances the responsibility the personnel of each level for reduction of the expenses connected with their activity. 


Keywords: business model, strategic management, budgeting, management of expenses.



        Integration growth – a priority strategy for the development of regional dairy product subcomplex. G.I. Bordukov

Abstract. The article considers the options for the integration of business structures in the dairy-product subcomplex of the Kursk region. It is shown that integration is a strategic direction for its development. Proposed organizational chart of the interaction of the dairy division of the district agro holding company.


Keywords: Kursk region, dairy product subcomplex, integration, integration of business structures.



       Medium enterprise performance management based on benchmarking. A.G. Goncharuk

Abstract. The application of free disposal hull method in enterprise performance management is ground. Methodical provisions for performance management of medium enterprise with implementation of competitive benchmarking are developed. They enable phased develop and make the strategic decisions, which achieve the efficiency frontier and market leadership. 

Keywords: performance management, medium enterprise, competitive benchmarking, efficiency analysis, free disposal hull.

      Good reputation as the need for the development of industrial enterprises. S.V. Gorin

Abstract. The paper suggests a hierarchy of needs of an industrial enterprise: the primary needs (resource endowment, economic security, income) and secondary needs (a positive business reputation and corporate social responsibility). Substantiates the view that corporate reputation is a secondary need for industrial enterprises. Characterized by the corporate reputation of the Russian industrial enterprises in terms of overcoming the financial crisis. 

Keywords: business reputation of organisation, company reputation, corporate reputation, reputation management, economic needs, industrial enterprises.



        Quantitative Evaluation of Product Concept. N.V. Pavlov

Abstract. It is suggested to check the adequacy of new product modification concept and the characteristics of the segment, for which this concept was developed. Usage of quantitative evaluation method is shown on an example. The meaning of obtained results is described. 

Keywords: product, concept, evaluation, quantitative methods.