Journal of Economy and entrepreneurship  

Vol. 5 Nom. 3

Vol. 5 Nom. 3

(May-June  2011)

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Russia can and should modernize their infrastructure. Karl William Viehe

 Abstract. March 23, 2011 the Moscow Chamber of Commerce visited the well-known American economist, professor at New York University Karl William Viehe, who met with representatives of the Moscow business. The article presents the view of Karl William Viehe on problems of modernizing the Russian economy. Analyzes the causes and consequences of the global financial crisis. Professors are answers to questions from participants of the meeting.

 Keywords: economic modernization, global financial crisis, infrastructure, economy, economic growth, global economy.


Prospects of strategy of innovative development of Russia till 2020. O.S. Sukharev

 Abstract. In article gives brief peer-review government strategy of innovative development 2020, defined concept of its shortcomings, recommendations for their elimination and the formation of a strategy of innovative development of economy of Russia, proceeding from the structural setting of modernization. Author creation the conception of economic development of Russia and determination two main vectors of technologies development giving priority for development Russians technologies with used new world technology, but not imitation drawing and “screwdriver” technology. The paper estimated the state education system, opportunities reform of science and education system determined by the institutional conditions of innovation development.

 Keywords: economic development, innovations, strategy, structure of economy, education.


Research of the concept of a choice of work by students of China’s university. Liu Fuxiang, Zhao Xin, Wei Xuedong

 Abstract. The Idea of choosing a career of students in Shenyang University, Shenyang Agricultural University and Shenyang University of Chemical Technology was investigated in this paper. The conclusions including: the graduates in economic and management major want become postgraduate student or civil servants. Nearly half students choose state-owned enterprises after graduation. The expectation to salary of students was too high. The students who lived in Northeastern China want stay in hometown for job. Suggestions: freshman began to do professional plan. The graduates choose job in non state-owned enterprises or in west provinces.

 Keywords: university students, idea of choosing a career, employment.

Preservation of raw structure of a national economy by the low price of withdrawn ground resources. G.M. Semjashkin

 Abstract. The article deals with methodological approaches the damage  estimate, being inflicted by industrial enterprises while taking out reindeer pastures from native minorities of the North. Iow land value, dumped purchasing land value, or its complete absence makes illusion of superprofitability of industrial enterprises projects, connected with land use. It reduces its interest to deeper processing of raw materials, searching and using more nature-saving technologies. It narrows down the area of traditional land use, based on resources reproducing. The problem is vital for both the Russian North and  Scandinavia and North America. The  given methodological approach of the land estimate comes from its profitability and industrial use.

 Keywords: market value, land, Gordons model, discount rate, methodological approaches.


Economic aspects of the interaction of organizations and bodies of internal affairs in the sphere of combating the shadow economy. A.V. Grachev, S.Y. Kovtunova

 Abstract. This article analyzes the economic bases of the interaction of organizations with the bodies of internal affairs. Defined forms of interaction between business entities with the internal affairs agencies in fighting the shadow economy. The factors influencing management decisions of an economic entity with respect to the choice of forms of interaction with the internal affairs agencies. The main indicators that affect the choice of forms of interaction, the authors examine the economic security of the business entity.

 Keywords: shadow economy, economic security, economic offenses.


National projects in the system of management mechanisms in community focused economy. N.P. Goncherova, S.N. Chernysheva

 Abstract. The article determines the national projects role in forming innovative economics. Offers measures to improve management mechanisms of social investment. It shows relationship between the state social investment in national projects implementation and the GDP final use.

 Keywords: social investment, management mechanisms of social investment, community, national project, gross domestic product.



Fundraising of higher educational institution as the tool of the development of the economic potential of Russia. I.P. Kovtseva

 Abstract. In the article is examined the realization of the technologies of fundraising in the higher educational institutions, which makes it possible to ensure with them the development of new system connections with their social partners, an increase in the quality of educational services, and the creation of the necessary conditions for further involvement of the system of the highest vocational education in the innovation processes, what is the necessary condition for an increase in the economic potential of the country.

 Keywords: fundraising in the social sphere, educational activity, innovation, commercialization of higher educational institutions, economy of Russia.


Factors to improve the quality of working life of employees coal region. O.V. Zonova

 Abstract. The paper assessed the attitudes of domestic and foreign scientists to classify the factors of quality of working life. The author has revealed the fact to improve the quality of working life of employees of Kuzbass. Analyzed the circumstances that exert a disturbing opposition to the implementation of these factors are manifested in the form of risk.

 Keywords: human capital, human potential, quality of working life, factor, Kuzbass, employees.


Activation of the management of human activities on the basis of the institutional instruments of controlling. A.N. Polozova, M.M. Pukhova, S.V. Yevseyeva, E.V. Gorkovenko

 Abstract. The article describes current views on industrial organization as an organization of people united by a common purpose activity and its outcome. Identified the need to strengthen the management of human activities in industrial organizations, which proposed to use as the controlling function of management. Presented by increasing the understanding of aspects of enhancing the management of human activities undertaken on the basis of relevant instruments of controlling.

 Keywords: strengthening of management, personnel management, controlling instruments.


Innovation marketing planning to increase industrial enterprises innovation potential. I.V. Usatcheva

 Abstract. Innovation stage-by-stage marketing planning to increase industrial enterprises innovative potential is discussed in the article. The author suggests to allocate following stages: the analysis of requirements, appeal, competitiveness, a choice of "production portfolio», a choice of innovative strategy of development.

 Keywords: innovation planning, innovation marketing, innovation potential.

The role and importance of consumer cooperation in Russia in improving food safely and living standard of the population. S.N. Chernysheva, N.P. Goncherova

 Abstract. The article considers the questions concerning the role and importance of consumer cooperation in improving food safely and living standard of the population. The conditions defining character of economic development of consumers' co-operative society caused varying market condition are revealed. The results of the findings can in consumer cooperation business enterprises activities.

 Keywords: сonsumer cooperation, food safety, physical accessibility, economic accessibility, consumer market, national project.


Use of credit reputation for achievement of a sustainable development of the industrial enterprise. S.V. Gorin

 Abstract. In article formation of positive reputation of the industry company is considered as direct investments. Specificity of credit reputation of the industry company and features of its formation is shown. The role of credit bureaus in formation of credit reputation is defined. Value of credit reputation is investigated at an estimation of credit status of the borrower.

 Keywords: credit reputation, credit status, credit bureaus, food industry.


Modeling the optimal location of the business units feed industry. I.N. Bulgakova, I.P. Bogomolova, V.N. Pahomov

 Abstract. In order to model the relationship between business units and sources of resources are encouraged to use the integral evaluation of the effectiveness of scarce resources to ensure that characterize the degree of fulfillment of the requirements of business units to the quality of life in their sources. These estimates are constructed by processing the data on demand for fodder, the resource requirements on the amount and quality of resources consumed in the operation of the enterprise. On the basis of their formative assessment enabling the development of renewable resources and calculated the optimal location of feed industry enterprises.

 Keywords: management technologies, business units, quality of resources, resource support, multi-objective optimization, integrated quality assessment of integrated resources.

Estimation cumulative factorial efficiency: dynamics and influencing factors. D.A. Vorohobin

 Abstract. The article deals with the changes occurring in the regions and the different spheres of economic activity. Identified factors that contribute to national economic competitiveness and enhance its role in the region: labor productivity, capital productivity and total factor productivity. Calculation of total factor productivity in the Voronezh region is executed.

 Keywords: labour productivity, capital productivity, total  factor  productivity, Voronezh region.


The role and place private farms in increasing the level and quality of people life. S.V. Bereznev, N.V. Kudrevatykh

 Abstract. The article attempts to define the role and place of private farms to increase the level and quality of life. The structure of manufacture of principal views of agricultural production in Russia on categories of economy is investigated. Had resources of house economy are analysed. The structure of expenses on final consumption of house economy is shown.

 Keywords: individual farms of the population, quality living, standard of living, population incomes, population expenses.


Optimization of expenses as a component of anti-recessionary management of the automobile branches enterprises. I.V. Voronin

 Abstract. The last economic crisis has shown unavailability of the majority of large automobile holdings to sharp decrease in a consumer demand. The financial condition of many companies has reeled, sales of new cars have fallen, constant clients of the dealer centres searched for variants of economy of the means. Gradual outflow of clients of the service centres to informal dealers has as consequence begun. Reaction of the majority of the dealer centres has followed at once: reduction of workers, a conclusion from a turn of the company of a considerable part of money resources, reduction of quantity of got cars at the manufacturer, etc. In article are considered possibilities of optimisation of expenses of the enterprises automobile branches as a component of anti-recessionary management.

 Keywords: automobile branch, dealer network, anti-recessionary management, expenses optimisation.


The features of techniques and methods of corporate management (for example JSC "Concern "Constellation"). Y.A. Moroz

 Abstract. The article considers the specific nature of corporate management practices and technologies by corporations. Revealed features that are most important in the management of corporations. Motives of interested groups in introduction of innovative ideas in corporations are defined. Financial activity of JSC "Concern "Constellation" taking into account a choice of innovative ideas is investigated.

 Keywords: corporation, management technologies, management methods, corporate governance, JSC "Concern "Constellation".


Structure of industrial potential of the company. A.A. Kruglov

 Abstract. The article contains approaches to the industrial potential of company definition and generation of it’s structure. This structure can be a base for the analyses of analyses of provision of industrial potential, effectiveness of its usage and factor-reserve analyses. Result of the research is a definition of industrial potential according to the aims of economical analyses, which contains quantitative and qualitative criteria.

 Keywords: industrial potential, material resources, technology, fixed assets, staff, information and management provision.


Methods to increase personnel’s innovation susceptibility to develop innovation potential. V.A. Kuklinov

 Abstract. Different approaches to increase personnels innovation susceptibility when developing innovation potential are discussed in the article. The author distinguishes among efficient internal management method, providing detailed information on forthcoming changes, supervisor’s support method, personnel’s involvement into innovations design and implementation, negotiating with individuals and working groups.

 Keywords: innovation susceptibility, innovation potential.



The mechanism of state regulation of innovative entrepreneurship in the service sector in the region. A.I. Madzhidov

 Abstract. In the article the main directions of development of innovative entrepreneurship in the service sector in the region, defined a set of measures to stimulate innovative entrepreneurship, as well as grounded organizational-economic mechanism for implementing these measures. A set of policy measures to enhance innovation in the region.

 Keywords: innovative entrepreneurship, organizational-economic mechanism, innovative way of development, innovation infrastructure, human resource capacity, science-innovation policy.



Methods of industry company business reputation estimation. S.V. Gorin

 Abstract. In article the basic methods of an estimation of business reputation of the industry company (goodwill) in Russian and foreign practice are considered. Influence of business reputation on business cost is shown. Procedure of book keeping of business reputation is described. Necessity of monitoring of level of business reputation is defined.

 Keywords: reputation, business reputation of the organisation, goodwill, company reputation, corporate reputation, reputation management, non-material actives.


Model of perfection of management marketing on the basis of innovations. L.M. Lipskaya

Abstract. In the article verification of hypothesis is presented that a management marketing will be more effective, if to inculcate innovative conceptions, in particular on the basis of synergetics approach. The model developed an author can be used in the processes of realization of policy of perfection of management on the basis of innovations in the economic systems of different level.

Keywords: management marketing, synergetics approach, innovational management,  innovational potential.

Directions for improvement in the leasing of motor transport field. V.A. Popov

Abstract. The article examines ways of improving leasing in the automotive field.  It is suggested that one of the most promising areas in the qualitative development of leasing of motor transport will be planning for the fleet, which gradually acquires the form of a full-fledged operating leases.  Concluded that that given the increasing demand for vehicle lease companies, the popularity of the operating lease will increase.

Keywords: operational leasing, finance leasing companies, planning parks of transport companies, qualitative development of leasing services.

Regulation as a tool for enhancing management. A.N. Polozova, S.V. Yevseyeva, M.M. Pukhova, A.E. Kornienko

Abstract. The article deals with the nature and content regulation. Isolated segments of enhancing managerial activities staff-controlling and the characteristic of their composition and content. Proposed authoring system tools regulations controlling personnel for use in industrial organizations.

Keywords: personnel-controlling, regulation, activation management, industrial organization.

Adapting methods for determining the economic situation of agricultural enterprises to financial improvement (on the materials of the Kurgan region). D.V. Paliy

Abstract. The article presents a critical assessment of current methods for determining the financial condition of agricultural enterprises for the purpose of financial recovery. Proposes concrete ways of improving methods to increase the valuation’s adequacy and accounting of the economic situation of the entity in deciding whether to restructure the debt. A comparative analysis of the adjusted method.

Keywords: financial recovery, agricultural enterprises, debt restructuring, financial status, economic efficiency.