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Vol. 3 Nom. 1




Image – a culture and competence indicator. V.M. Shepel

Abstract. In article the material from the new book of professor V.M. Shepel «A trade the imagemaker» is presented. Self-value of professional image is shown. Questions of compatibility of image with the person are considered. Features of work in election campaigns are defined. Practical examples of creation of image are described.

Keywords: image, culture, competence, professional image, corporate image, person, election campaigns, image creation, the image maker, public relations.


About a class distinction of people. V.I. Golubev

Abstract. In article sources of class division of people are considered. Possibility of testing for class association definition is shown. The test for class association definition is developed. Results of testing for a class association of known historic figures are yielded. Features of activity of modern bourgeoisie are investigated.

Keywords: classes, proletariat, bourgeoisie, class distinctions, testing, feudalism, capitalism, socialism, work, intermediaries, operation, information, manufacture, consumption, gamble, government, capital.


Use of effectiveness ratio of reputation for construction of a rating of the Russian companies. S.V. Gorin, V.V. Golenev

Abstract. In article value of companies reputations ratings is shown. Are described existing companies reputation ratings. The substantiation of the financial approach to an estimation of companies reputation is given. Procedure of company reputation effectiveness ratio calculation is shown. The rating of reputations of the Russian companies on reputation effectiveness ratio for 2009 is constructed. Recommendations about interpretation of results are developed.

Keywords: image, reputation, Reputation Institute, company reputation, corporate reputation, reputations rating, competitiveness, reputation effectiveness ratio, strategic management, sustainable development,сorporate reputation, reputation management.



The factors which influence on image of educational establishment (according to  the results of sociological survey). S.A. Volodina

 Abstract. In this article there are examined the factors which influence on image of educational establishment. It is identified from the results of sociological survey of different participants of the educational process. Positive image of educational establishment and also a high level of conflictological competence of collective of a school promote to organize the productive pedagogical interaction of all subjects of the educational of process.

Keywords: image, reputation, educational establishment, competence, conflictological competence.



Tendencies of development of exit tourism in Russia. S.N. Lobanova

Abstract. In article the tendencies of development of exit tourism in the basic tourist directions are considered. It is shown that sharp recession of demand for foreign rounds is caused by financial crisis. Are defined macro- and the microbusiness factors influencing profitability of tourist products and duration of their life cycle.

Keywords: exit tourism, tourist product, tourist services, profitability, life cycle, travel companies, financial crisis.



Administrative thinking – professional cogitative activity. V.M. Shepel

Abstract. In article the material from the new book of professor V.M. Shepel prepared for the press is presented «Administrative thinking of the manager». Bases of knowledge of the chief about thinking are considered. Professional work and thinking communication is advanced. The essence and specificity of administrative thinking is shown. Kinds and indicators of professional thinking are described.

Keywords: administrative thinking, professional work, management, manager, competence, professional image, person, the image maker, public relations.



Reputation and image of automobile dealers of the company Ford. I.V. Voronin

Abstract. In article development of mark of cars under a brand Ford is analysed. The main link, without doubts, in brand development the powerful network of dealers worldwide acts, allowing to put and solve the various «commercial problems». The reputation of dealers is analysed, the factors are shown, which dealers of the company Ford consider priority. Obligations Ford Motor Company to the dealers are considered, ranging of dealers on three categories is shown.

Keywords: brand, image, reputation, dealer, automobile branch, automobile dealer, Ford Motor Company, classification of dealers.



Financings of innovative activity of small business. G.B. Bakaljagin

Abstract. In the article problems of financing of small innovative business are considered. Sociological interrogations of managers of small enterprises are resulted. Variants of financial support of innovative business in the conditions of a modern economic crisis are shown.

Keywords: small business, financing, innovative enterprises, financing, financial resources, microfinancing, venture funds, business incubators.


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