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 Three versions of mentality. V.M. Shepel

Abstract. In article the material from the new book of professor V.M. Shepel « A trade the imagemaker» is presented. In the first version of mentality it is ascertained that mentality formation is carried out on the basis of such mechanisms of a brain, as mind and intelligence. Under the second version, mentality formation is realised thanks to such mechanisms of heart, as an intuition and soul. Under the third version - mentality It is the cogitative mechanism which material base is the special matter of a brain and heart, and spiritual mechanics - Intelligence and soul. Features of Russian mentality are considered.

Keywords:mentality, brain, mind, intelligence, heart, intuition, soul.


Interrelation of disputed collective competence and educational institution image. S.A. Volodina

Abstract. In article the interconnection conflictological competence of collective with image of educational establishment is analyzed. The presence of formed conflictological competence of school’s teachers promotes to organize the effective pedagogical interaction of all subject educational process. It allows to operate with the impressions of external surroundings effectively and to form positive image of the educational establishment.

Keywords: image, educational establishment, prestige, conflictological competence, constructive interaction.



Formation and use of credit and tax reputation of organization. S.V. Gorin

Abstract. In article formation of positive reputation of the organization is considered as direct investments. Specificity of credit reputation of the organisation and features of its formation is shown. The role of credit bureaus in formation of credit reputation is defined. Value of credit reputation is investigated at an estimation of credit status of the borrower. Organizational-legal questions of tax reputation are considered. The interrelation of the factors influencing formation of tax reputation is shown. The conclusion is drawn that the establishment of the overestimated tax loading inevitably conducts the enterprises to evasion from payment of taxes that worsens their tax reputation. The problem of the double account is accented at the taxation of the enterprises.

Keywords: credit reputation, tax reputation, credit status, credit bureaus, tax loading, the diligent tax bearer, the double account in the taxation, food industry.



Administrative controlling: introduction and automation. M.S. Kuzmina, A.S. Danilov

Abstract. In article the structure and functions controlling as modern direction of management is considered. The basic concepts of controlling are investigated. Features of carrying out of administrative controlling introduction stages are considered. Base concepts of controlling automation at the enterprises are described. The comparative characteristic of specialized systems of controlling and budgeting automation is given.

Keywords: аdministrative controlling, budgeting, automation, automated control systems.



Influence of life cycle on business reputation of travel company. S.N. Lobanova

Abstract. In article bases of the life cycle concept are considered. The analysis of a current state of the Russian tourist market is made. The characteristic of firm life cycle concept stages of travel company is given and their influence on business reputation is shown.

Keywords: life cycle concept, travel company, business reputation, tourist market.

To the problem of mathematical modelling of social processes: efficiency of authority A.V. Nosov, A.B. SHepelin

Abstract. The mathematical interpretation of concept "lawful state" is given in article. The mathematical estimation of efficiency of realization of imperious powers is resulted depending on a parity of these powers and the rights of citizens.

Keywords: government, social processes, civil society, lawful state, management efficiency, mathematical modelling, democracy.



Composed administrative success. V.M. Shepel

Abstract. In article the material from the new book of professor V.M. Shepel prepared for the press is presented «Professional thinking of the manager». Are in detail considered composed administrative success: talent of the head, an economic component, a reputation-image component, a personal component, etc.

Keywords: professional thinking, talent, reputation, image, success.



Development of enterprises adaptable potential within the limits of working out of anti-recessionary actions. A.S. Danilov

Abstract. In article the essence and structure of adaptable potential, and also the basic directions of its actualization is considered. The scheme of actions by an estimation and developments of adaptable potential of the organisation is offered.

Keywords: adaptation, adaptable potential, anti-recessionary management, environment, internal environment.


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