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Reputiology: what is it? S.V. Gorin

Abstract. Necessity of development of the uniform theoretical approach to studying reputation proves, and theoretical bases reputiology as new branch of scientific knowledge are considered. Differentiation of concepts is given «imageology», «public relations», «reputation management» and «reputiology». Theoretical and practical value reputiology is shown. Actual problems of management by corporate reputation in Russia are described. The corporate reputation is considered from the point of view of the legal, accounting, administrative and investment approach.

Keywords: reputiology, reputation management, corporate reputation, imagiology, public relations


The basic theoretical approaches to knowledge of a brand essenceI.V. Rozdolskaya, A.A. Klimenko

Abstract. In article it is proved variety treatments of a brand as one of marketing theory key terms. On the basis of studying references the basic approaches to research of essence of a brand (historical, legal, sociological, behavioural, cultural, economic are allocated, marketing (business-focused), institutional) and their base positions are opened.

Keywords: marketing, brand, branding, trade mark, market, organization, consumers


Corporate reputation as a social phenomenon. M.I. Purmel

Abstract. This article is devoted to the corporate reputation considered as the social phenomenon. Here are those items which are investigated in the article: the concept of the reputation, the etymology of this term and several points of view of various sciences.  The separate paragraph of the article is devoted to the comparison of such concepts as "reputation", "image", "brand" and "superbrand". The problem of a demand for the corporate reputation in the Russian business, and the issue of necessity of investment in reputation as in a non-material asset in particular are also put in the article.  This problem needs further consideration.

Keywords: reputation, image, brand, superbrand, asset


Method of a quantitative estimation of reputation of the organization in conditions of information uncertainty. A.A. Gavrilov, S.V. Gorin

Abstract. Communication of categories is considered «reputation» and «true». Specification of concept «business reputation of the organization» is given. The urgency of an estimation of reputation of commercial banks as objects of research is shown. Features of formation of reputation in conditions of information uncertainty are revealed. The method of a quantitative estimation of the reputation, based on positions of the theory entropy is offered. The method is approved for an estimation of business reputation of the Russian commercial banks. It is drawn a conclusion on an opportunity of application of an author's method for an estimation of reputation of the organizations and physical persons.

Keywords: reputiology, reputation, reputation management, entropy, information uncertainty


System-analytical substantiation of the mortgage under investments for innovative projects. E.E. Shamis, N.G. Turcanu, E.O. Sereda

Abstract. In clause questions of a substantiation of the mortgage in the form of material and non-material actives are considered. The design of system for a substantiation of the mortgage under investments is given.

Keywords: mortgage, investments, innovative management, intellectual property, material property, system analysis


Corporate reputation management on small industrial enterprises. S.V. Tinkov, V.V. Tinkov

Abstract. In clause problems of management by positive business reputation on small industrial enterprises are in detail considered. The authors show connection of business reputation and the organizational-legal form of a small enterprise. On the basis of the analysis of administrative properties of various organizational-legal forms the authors offers strategy of management by positive business reputation for a small enterprise.

Keywords: business reputation, organizational-legal forms, small enterprise



Presidential elections of the USA - the master-class on «PR» and reputation technologies. V.M. Shepel

Abstract. Clause represents analytical reflection in occasion of a role of public relations, imageology and reputation technologies in development of democracy, in the statement of national interests at an interstate level.

Keywords: public relations, PR, imageology, reputation technologies, meritocracies, master-class


Procedure of non-material actives audit. O.G. Berezovskiy

Abstract. In the article the description of authors procedure of the audit’s program of non-material assets is resulted. The described procedure provides all-round and qualitative carrying out of check of completeness and reliability of reflected operations with non-material assets both in book keeping, and in the accounting reporting.

Keywords: audit, non-material assets


Role of packing in foodstuff branding. A.P. Tatianchenko

Abstract. In clause the general questions of use of packing in foodstuff branding are considered. The place of packing in marketing the enterprise is shown. Functions of packing are revealed at selling the goods. It is characterized packings branding in a production cycle and its factors are shown. Features foodstuff branding in Russia now are certain.

Keywords: packing, branding, foodstuff, the food-processing industry.


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