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ISR Vol. 4 Nom. 3-4




Vol. 4 Nom. 3-4


Structural and institutional changes, effectiveness and economic development

O.S. Sukharev

Semi-quantitative assessment food safety risks in the European wheat trade sector during

2001-2011 years

Natalia M. Lashkevich

An introduction into strategic analysis of the private health care sector in Croatia    


The main characteristics of national models of development of small businesses in the foreign countries

A.V. Gorlov, S.V. Tinkov

German companies entering the CIS market: milestones and challenges 

Hatto Brenner, Alina Spivak

Pricing regulation on the basis of financial balances health saving-up economy

E.G. Bryndin

Elementary mathematical conditions of crises and growth alternation and new combinations


O.S. Sukharev

Spiritual and moral basis interconfession consent, unities of the people and universal peace and good

E.G. Bryndin

The role of state regulation of socio-political processes in the modern economic conditions

E.G. Dmitrik

The Comparative Study on Talents Cultivation Model of Sino-Japanese Animation Industry

Delin LIN, Fuxiang LIU,  Jing SUN

Coaching – modern, effective instrument for business

Rasa Rudžinskienė

Foreign experience of innovative development of higher education on the basis of inter-university collaboration

Julia P. Kulikova

Harmonization of technological and product innovation in food processing industry enterprises

S.V. Gorin, А.V. Pavlov

Risk assessment of the conceptual model “Food Chain of the European wheat production-trade sector”

Natalia M. Lashkevich

Conceptual framework of investment vehicles of regional development

N.V. Shemyakyna

On the role of artisan sector in formation and development of Russian entrepreneurship

N.A. Dushkova, V.A. Grigorova


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