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Chevichelov V.A. Doctor of Economics, professor, academic of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Moscow, Russia






Anisimov Y.P. Doctor of Economics, professor of the Voronezh state technical university, Voronezh, Russia


Beguchev N.I. editor-in-chief assistant, Cand.Econ.Sci., Moscow, Russia


Voyskovoy A.I. doctor of agricultural sciences, professor, the head of the department of selection, seed farming and technology of storage of production of plant growing of professor F.I. Bobryshev, the Stavropol state agricultural university, Stavropol, Russia


Grakhov V.P. the Doctor of Economics, professor, the head of the department of "PGS", the Izhevsk state technical university of M. T. Kalashnikov, Izhevsk, Russia


Esaulko A.N. doctor of agricultural sciences, professor, dean of agronomical faculty, head of the department of agronomical chemistry and physiology of plants, Stavropol state agricultural university, Stavropol, Russia


Watson Paul prof.,  Sheffield Hallam University, UK


Cichelli  Angelo Full Professor of "Commodity Science" of the University "G. D'Annunzio", Chieti-Pescara, Italy


Gasparyan Armen Yuri Science Communication Advisor, MD, PhD, FESC, Associate Professor of Medicine Council Member, European Association of Science Editors,  Birmingham,UK


Gerasimov A.N. Doctor of Economics, professor, Stavropol state agricultural university, Stavropol, Russia


Golubev V.I. Cand.Tech.Sci., the assistant to the General director of Joint-Stock Company "International technologies", Moscow, Russia


Gorin S.V. Dr.Econ.Sci., Prof., editor-in-chief,  Moscow, Russia


Danilov A.S. editor-in-chief assistant, Cand.Econ.Sci., Voronezh, Russia


Dimova E.A. Cand.Econ.Sci., deputy the dean on a magistracy of the International financial faculty of Financial university at the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia


Karpunina E.V. deputy chief editor, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Ryazan, Russia


Karpunin A.Yu. Candidate of Economic Sciences, Ryazan state radio engineering university, Ryazan, Russia


Lebedev A.T. Doctor of Engineering, professor, head of the department of technical service, standardization and metrology, Stavropol state agricultural university, Stavropol, Russia


Maliyev V.H. Doctor of Engineering, professor, Stavropol state agricultural university, Stavropol, Russia


Malygin A.G. Dr.Sci.Biol. conducting the scientific employee of Institute of biochemistry of A.N.Bach of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia


Maslov D.V. Cand.Econ.Sci., director of the Centre of science of the Ivanovo state power university, Ivanovo, Russia


Minaeva E.V. Doctor of Economics, professor, head Faculty of economy and management of a national economy of the Moscow state university of technologies and managements, Moscow, Russia


Mitrovich Ljubisha Doctor of Philosophy, professor, Managing faculty of general sociology Nish University, the head of the Center Balkan Researches, Nish, Serbia


Perfilev S.V. Doctor of Economics, professor, Ryazan state radioengineering university, Ryazan, Russia


Rizhov I.V. Doctor of Economics, professor, The pro-rector on scientific work of the State academy of improvement of professional skill and retraining of personnel for construction and a housing-and-municipal complex of Russia, Moscow, Russia


Samarin A.N. candidate of philosophical sciences, senior lecturer of the Moscow state institute of the international attitudes (MGIMO-UNIVERSITY) the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Moscow, Russia


Sukharev O.S. Doctor of Economics, professor, Economy Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia


Tinkov S.V. The assistant to the editor-in-chief, Cand.Econ.Sci., Moscow, Russia


Figurek Aleksandra Assistant Professor, University of Banja Luka, Republik of Srpska,BiH


Fuxiang Liu PhD, professor, Shenyang University, China


Fuchkan Djurdjica Doctor of Economics, professor Economic facultyZagreb University,  Zagreb, Croatia


Huako H.S. Cand.Econ.Sci., the senior lecturer, the dean of faculty of economy and the taxation of the Kuban social-economic institute, Krasnodar, Russia


Dr Nicholas Chileshe University of South Australia, Australia


Chiladze George Doctor of Law, Doctor of Business Administration, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Akhaltsikhe State University, Tbilisi University, Georgia


Shepel V.M. Doctor of philosophy, the professor of Pedagogical academy formations, the honored worker of a science of the Russian Federation, the academic of The Russian Academy of Natural  Sciences, the president of Leagues of professional image makers, Moscow, Russia






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