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Vol. 3 Nom. 1-2


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Vol. 3 Nom. 1-2

            Problem of  a «context of the European culture» and «place» of Russian philosophy in it. Milan Uzelac

Abstract. The text of the report of Milan Uzelac made at conference in Krasnodar (Russia) is resulted. The debatable question of a context of the European culture is considered. It is shown that «occurrence» in «the European context» cannot be a philosophy problem in Russia. 

Keywords: European culture, Russian philosophy, western philosophy, Europe, «European question», Serbia, Russia.


            Logic of family well-being of the manager. V.M. Shepel

Abstract. In article the material from the new book of professor V.M. Shepel «Administrative thinking. Mentality of the manager» is presented. We consider two aspects of family welfare chief - the formation of strong "family units" and preventive measures for the conservation of the family. 

Keywords: ortobiotic, life management, health, health-saving technologies, outlook, ability to live, human body, physical health, spiritual health, sincere health, relaxation, recreation.


            Terrorism as a XXI-st century problem. Radoslav Gachinovich

Abstract. In article approaches to definition of modern terrorism are investigated. On the basis of practice, it is shown that the terrorism is an actual problem of the XXI-st century. To draw a conclusion that modern terrorist activity gains the increasing distribution in the world.  

Keywords: terrorism, antiterrorism, terror, guerrilla war, international community.

            Sources of public crisis to Russia and its cultural consequences. A.N. Samarin

Abstract. In article sources of public crisis in Russia are analyzed. Communication of globalisation and public crisis is shown. Possible negative cultural consequences of public crisis are defined. 

Keywords: globalisation, public crisis, elite, culture.


               The role of the modern system of training of teachers in the preparation of a new generation of teachers. E.V. Chernobaj, E.R. Bagramjan

Abstract. The article says to change the requirements for the organization, form, content of training. Reveal promising directions of development of skills.

Keywords: modernization of education, new school, general culture and professional competence, the system of teacher training.



             Preface to the understanding of Russian pedagogical reality. O.A. Leonova

Abstract. The present article is concerned with the current state of Russian pedagogical reality, which is characterized by a change of education role in the social consciousness in the world of everyday people. The author took as a point of interest what produces the change in terms of Russian education transition to the European format under the conditions of an uncertain social and cultural situation and non liquet value-semantic relations to education. Mainstreaming the concepts of "pedagogical reality," "educational space" let the author assume that education becomes a limited success guarantee of human life perspective.

Keywords: pedagogical reality, educational space, role of education.


            Stalinism: to a question on research methodology. O.T. Palamarchuk

Abstract. The article examines the historical conditions of the appearance of the totalitarian regime in the USSR in the 20th - 30th years of the XX century; attention is paid to the nonrandomness of the establishment of Stalin’s personal dictatorship in this period; it is emphasized that the left dictatorship in the form of Stalinism appears in the country not only because of the extreme aggravation of social contradictions within the country, but also as a reaction to the power interventions from outside. 

Keywords: methodology of science, political dictatorship, socio-economic crisis, political party, social classes.


            About legitimacy of authority - Belarus, Russia, US. J.A. Lisovsky, A.N. Samarin, L.K. Fionova

Abstract. At this article there is the comparative analysis of legitimacy of authority in three countries: Belarus, Russia,  USA. In an ideal democracy is represented by system in which the managing elite expresses interests of the majority of people. However political experience of the advanced countries testifies that really used "democratic" mechanisms of management of a society allow to change will of the majority for interests of exclusive oligarchical groupings and bureaucracy. It conducts to occurrence so-called « imitating democracy » when interests of the majority of members of a society do not coincide with interests of managing minority which monopolizes authority and uses all its  advantages. 

Keywords: legitimacy, bureaucracy, oligarchy, democracy.


            Mathematical model of institutional changes. O.S. Sukharev

Abstract. The article discussed problems of influence to institutional change, rate its change, for economic systems, wealthy and efficiency. Author are offered and in detail developed the model of institutional change, and discovering the effect of chess-board, to demonstrate, that the speed (rate) and matter of institutional change determination by performance of economic systems to shot time period. This is give possibility do some conclusions to economic policy and the theory of efficiency, which are not coincide to conclusions of mainstream.

Keywords: institutes, institutional change, model, effect of chess-board, potential of institutional change, market to level of prosperity, efficiency.


            A better standard on accounting for R&D costs: IFRS vs. U.S. GAAP. Wang Jiao

Abstract. This commentary discusses which standard on accounting for R&D (Research and Development) costs is better between IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and U.S GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principle). R&D costs are important and big expenditures for companies, especially for international companies, to obtain strong competitive power. However, different accounting treatments on R&D costs affect financial statements greatly, and subsequently the effects have dramatic influence on the decision making of consumers, including investors, creditors, and analysts of financial statements. Based on the idea that the more useful the information used by consumers of financial statements based on a standard, the better the standard is, I propose that IFRS is better than U.S. GAAP on accounting for R&D costs. 

Keywords: R&D, intangible asset, capitalize, expense, conservatism, comparable information.


A change in character of rent strategic orientation in the development of Russian economy. E.V. Koroljuk

Abstract. Rent strategic orientation in the development of Russian economy has been reduced, qua an industrial form of rent changed-over to its raw form. As the matter stands even so there are possibilities for changing economic policy. This may happen in the event of prior use of the unearned finance incomes from extraction, primary processing and sale of natural resources with the aim of reproduction on a progressively increasing scale of human capital assets. 

Keywords: natural resource royalty, industrial form of rent, raw form of rent, development strategy, rent mechanism.


            The housing problem in the Republic of Moldova. Svetlana Albu

Abstract. One of the main problems that a society has to deal with is the housing. The goal of this research consists in the examination of the dwelling stock in the Republic of Moldova, the development tendencies through the last decade and the estimation of the level of its affordability. 

Keywords: dwelling stock, housing development, new trends in housing, housing affordability, Republic of Moldova.


            Monetary rule of innovative economy. O.S. Sukharev, A.M. Kurjanov

            Abstract. In article discussed problem of creation monetary rule of innovation economy. The M. Friedman rules say that the monetary aggregate M2 growth with average growth of economy. But to innovation economy witch creation demand for money this rule may be correction. Also see the role of monetary regulation and place Central Bank for realization this economic policy. 

Keywords: monetary rule, Central Bank, innovation economy, regulation.

An interpretation of a kilowatt hour as a unit of the environmental pollution. A.F. Bryukhan

Abstract. The example of electricity output shows that the production of marketable products is connected not only with the operation of power plants, but also with the inclusion of the entire national economy into their life cycle. The quantitative assessment of the environmental pollution in the production of marketable products on one ruble and one kilowatt hour has been realized. It is shown that the kilowatt-hour has an advantage over monetary unit in its interpretation as a measure of the environmental pollution. 

Keywords: life cycle, pollution, environment, electrical energy, kilowatt hour.

Theoretical and methodological aspects of cross-country assessment of the quality of working life. O.V. Zonova

Abstract. Due to the fact that the human development index used to assess the quality of life, to assess the quality of working life is not admissibility, because it prevents the time identified the emerging deterioration or improvement in quality of work life of employees. Failure to adjust the social and labor policy of the state may lead to increased social tensions in the country. Using this measure of the integral, it becomes possible only in conjunction with detail-bath system performance, in the aggregate covering the characteristics of quality of working life. 

Keywords: quality of working life, estimation of working life, employees, method of index numbers.


            Customer Satisfaction of Four-Star Hotels in Shenyang China. Xiao Huihui, Liu Fuxiang

Abstract. This is a study of customer satisfaction with four-star hotels in Shenyang. The main factors influencing customer satisfaction are decoration, location, environment, cost-effectiveness, service quality, and marketing. Methods to improve hotel management and customer satisfaction are discussed. 

Keywords: four-star hotels, service quality, customer satisfaction.


            Integral criterion of the financial and economic performance of an industrial enterprise. G.M. Aubakirova

Abstract. There have been given the results of the author’s estimation of RK industrial enterprises activities. There has been suggested an approach to carry out a comparative analysis of industrial enterprises activity by means of their financial-and-economical state formalization and calculating their integral charcteristic.  

Keywords: industrial enterprise, financially-economic condition, integrated indicator, Kazakhstan.

            Principles and factors of corporate reputation management. S.V. Gorin, A. V. Pavlov

Abstract. The article defines the philosophy of corporate reputation management: drive for achieving an eventual bottom line outcome; dependence on the past and record keeping on baseline company strategies; combining of advanced, current and operational planning; corporate reputation level monitoring, adaptive management. Pacing corporate reputation factors of are arranged into the following groups: economic, juristic, management, organizational, financial, technical and technological, ecological, psychological. 

Keywords: corporate reputation, reputation management, reputation of a company.


Regional aspects of socio-entrepreneurial corporations in Kazakhstan. L.I. Mergalieva

Abstract. In the need to reform the governance system at the regional level, new forms of state business have appeared, one of which is a socio-entrepreneurial corporation. Seven socio-entrepreneurial corporations were created in 2007 in Kazakhstan on the basis of foreign experience in areas development. The article presents some results of the investigation and recommendations are shown to organize effectively the operation of social-entrepreneurial corporations. 

Keywords: socio-entrepreneurial corporations, regional economics, state enterprise, state business, Kazakhstan, public administration.

            Contemporary innovation manager portrait. I.V. Usatcheva, K.A. Sherstnikova

Abstract. Innovation and managerial competences of a contemporary innovation manager are discussed in the article. An innovation manager is not a supervisor in a traditional sense of the word, he is an equal among partners. At the same time he is a catalyst of joint activities, he sets goals and makes those who identify themselves with these goals start achieving them. Thanks to the general strategy which can be changed when necessary he consolidates the efforts of others in search for and solving the problems.

Keywords: innovation knowledge, managerial knowledge, skills, expertise, innovation manager.

            Analysis of employment in Fushun City, Liaoning Province. Jiaolong Yu, Liu Fuxiang

Abstract. A survey of employment in Fushun City, Liaoning Province, and prospects for the future. It proposes three policies to promote employment based upon the resource-based city concept: Develop tertiary industry, guide unemployed coal miners to modern agriculture, and transfer labor in the coal industry to other provinces and cities. 

Keywords: resource-based cities, unemployed, employment.


            Project management in the Republic of Moldova. A.P. Grossu

Abstract. The paper focused on the introduction to the topic of Project Management, presenting the relevance and  the up-to-date features of the field. There have been solutions proposed to overcome the economic slump by streamlining the scope of Project Management in the Republic of Moldova. 

Keywords: Project Management, project, program, grants, legislative framework, financial mechanism of absorption.


            Physiological features of influence of a drought on waterrelation and  droughtstability of cotton. A.E. Kholliyev

Abstract. In materials of clause are shown a level water relation of grades cotton depending on the contents of humidity of ground. Thus, is especial at a drought (30 % from CH water supply) at all investigated grades the increases of water deficiency and waterkeeping of ability leaf of plants were observed decrease (reduction) of intensity transpiration. 

Keywords: physiology, ecology, cotton, water deficiency, drought, adaptation.


            Seasonal dynamics of wintering and nesting avian species in towns of Kyzylkum region. F.R. Kholboev

Abstract. As a result of many perennial research the specific structure seasonal dynamics of the number of the birds structure which spent winter and nested  in the countries  (Bukhara, Navoi, Zarafshon, Uchkuduk) of the region Kizilkum was appointed.  The a biotic, biotic and anthropogenic factors of the appointed dynamic of the number  of  birds was discovered. 

Keywords: Kyzylkum, breeding of birds, avian fauna, seasonal, birds resident, birds nesting, birds wintering.


             On the taxonomy and natural habitat of the forms of the genus of Psylliostachys Nevski. A.F. Fayziyev, H.K. Esanov

Abstract. The article is dedicated to the facts about the taxonomy, spreading and preservation of the natural habitats of Psylliostachys, as both endemic and decorative plants.

Keywords: flora, family, genus, hybrid, endem.



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