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Repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation as path to love and peace. Djurdjica Fuchkan, Stipe Tadic

Abstract. In article is shown a case of inter-religious collaboration led by Cursillo movement and Initiatives of Change in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Keywords: repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation, love, peace, inter-religious collaboration, Cursillo, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


A study of employment supply and demand of graduates of Chinese universities. Liu Fuxiang, Zhao Xin

Abstract. This article investigates the supply and demand of graduates of Chinese university in the labor market. As the number of graduates increases, it becomes more difficult for them to get employed because employers seek those who have work experience. Thus the authors have proposed several suggestions: universities must carry on a thorough educational reform which defers to the market demand; establish a nimble employment mechanism; establish a sound unemployment guarantee system for university graduates.

Keywords: Graduates of Chinese university, Employment, Supply and demand, Labor market.


Creative metamorphoses of Alain Touraine – a pathway towards constituting and redefining the scientific paradigm. Ljubiša R. Mitrović

Abstract. In the paper the author discusses the phases of development in the creativity of the French sociologist Alain Touraine as a representative of the dynamic sociology. Four phases of his intellectual development are pointed out as well as in the paradigmatic constitution of Touraine’s theory and the sociology based on it. The given phases include the one dealing with problems of the industrial sociology, the sociology of development, the sociology of social movements and the most recent one, namely, the constitution of the cultural paradigm. The author especially discusses the most recent turn in A. Touraine’s theoretical orientation which is embodied in the foundation of the cultural paradigm. Namely, A. Touraine abandons his well-known standing about the role of collective actors and becomes more oriented towards individuals as the subjects of cultural and social changes. The question to ask is whether, due to this paradigm, A. Touraine leaves the domain of the sociology itself and joins the authors who are representative of the postmodern personalism.

Keywords: Alain Touraine, Sociology of Action, Sociology of Development, Social Movements, Personality, Culture.


Non-standard way of obtain the loan by small financial enterprise. S.V. Ketsko

Abstract. In article is shown the basic ways of obtain the loan by the small financial enterprises. Article shown key features in the lending process. New non-standard way in achievement of financial assets is presented.

Keywords: small financial business, loan, financial institutions.


Transfer pricing system of a bank. O.I. Isaev

Abstract. The author of the article researches questions connected with functioning of transfer pricing system, as an integral part of budgeting in a commercial bank. There are reviewed basic problems, relating to evaluation of the used resources’ prime cost. There are identified relations between periods of capital use and transfer rate fixing periods.

Keywords: budgeting, transfer pricing, transfer rate, business-department, business-segment.


Administrative anthropology. V.M. Shepel

Abstract. In article the material from the new book of professor V.M. Shepel « A trade the imagemaker» is presented. World outlook postulates of the manager are described. Criteria of an estimation of personal belief are defined. Structural components civil outlook of the manager are presented. The professional outlook of the manager and uniqueness of human technologies is shown. Features of human technologies are revealed. Are described: designing of human technologies; the procedural logic of designing; culture of introduction of human technologies.

Keywords: imagemaker, manager, management, anthropology, person, logic, human technologies, outlook.


Prospects of working out and introduction of programs of support of small financial business in the conditions of a world economic crisis. S.V. Ketsko

Abstract. In article is shown the main programs, which help to development small financial business. Also in article is shown key features of the international financial programs and government programs that support to develop small business. Author offer new financial programs, which can help for developing small financial business in Russia more intensive.

Keywords: international financial programs, small financial business, not state funds, agriculture, economic crisis.


Modern Swedish language in intercultural communications. V.I. Beloglazova

Abstract. In given article likeness of the Scandinavian languages one of which is the Swedish language is marked. Modern Swedish language has passed a long way of phonetic and linguistic changes from an epoch of Vikings (800 for 1100) till now. A great influence on the Swedish language German language, in 18 century has rendered in 13 century French and 19-20 century - English language. In modern Swedish language it is a lot of loan words from other European languages, there was the new layer of culture connected with language of suburbs of cities «rinkеbysvenska». Modern Swedish language lacks words business language in the field of telecommunications, economy, the management, new technologies. The Swedish businessmen prefer to communicate in English.

Keywords: Swedish language, Sweden, loans, writing, phonetics, parts of speech, syntax, dialects.


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